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Ediwn De La Rosa Animal Bikes #Sandyspot Ad

The one and only Edwin De La Rosa with a fakie barspin at the hurricane #Sandyspot for Animal Bikes’ latest print ad that ran in the 13th issue of The Albion magazine. There is going to be a What’s Good interview with Edwin dropping tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Animal Shop Spotlight – Angry Penguin

Animal Bikes caught up with one of the shops that carry their products, the Angy Penguin Skateboards and BMX shop in Johnson City, Tennessee. Find out about the owner, how the idea for the store came, who works there and more up on Animal.

Animal Bikes – Dealer Open House

For all the shops and if you RSVP, Animal Bikes will be having a dealer open house next month to get you an opportunity to see their new warehouse and all their new products. This is especially important for all you who won’t be able to get to the Interbike in September.

Animal Bikes “The Price Is Wrong” DVD Available Now

This is one good news. Animal Bikes now has the QSS 5 “The Price Is Wrong” video available on DVDs and what is even more awesome, it is available for free. Hit your local shop, favorite mail order, or just go to Animal’s web store and get yourself a copy.

Animal Flicker Life – 2013 NYC Street Jam

This past Friday, June 14th, 2013, the 2013 NYC Street Jam went down brought to you by the good people over at Animal Bikes. Even if the weather wasn’t the greatest plenty of riders came to hang out, chill, ride and drink. Now go to Animal site and check a few photos they snapped from the day.

Animal Shop Spotlight – Incycle Bicycles

Animal Bikes sat down with owners of Incycle Bicycles shop to talk about the openings, the idea behind it, events they hosted and more. If you would like to know a little more about the shop, go and read this quick interview they made.

Animal Bikes QSS 4 “They Too Crusty Wit It” – Panama / Ohio

Animal Bikes is back with a new section from their “Too Crusty Wit It” video featuring Dave Belcher, Jack Costa, Tom White, Max Gaertig, Steven Hamilton, Jeff Kocsis, Anthony Villani and Chris Silva shredding streets of Panama and Ohio. I always enjoy watching Animal crew ride their bikes.
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Animal Bikes New England Shop Chowda

Tomorrow, June 6th, 2013, Animal Bikes is sending a few of their team riders on a New England shop stop trip for three days of good times, visiting The Daily Grind in Connecticut, Eastern Boarder and Maul’s Bike Shop in Massachusetts and Circuit BMX in Rhode Island. Stop by if you live somewhere near.
If already talking about Animal, their all new Big Script sweatshirts are available now.

Jeff Kocsis Bike Check

One of the most stylish Animal Bikes rider, Jeff Kocis, has a bike check up on their page, showing you guys his turquoise Macneil setup built with Animal parts. There is a new sprocket in the works from Animal. Stay tuned.

Animal Bikes QSS 4 “They Too Crusty Wit It” – Random

The random section from the Animal Bikes QSS 4 “They Too Crusty Wit” video featuring most of their crew and friends. Mike Hoder, Mike Osso, Edwin De La Rosa, Tyrone Williams, Nygel Sylvester and many more. Really dope five minutes long watch.
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