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Animal – Sam Waters

Sam Waters nailed down some really amazing street riding for the new edit he filmed for Animal. Some awesome grinding moves with a big icepick and a huge double peg grind down this kinked rail. Enjoy.
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Animal Instagram Photo Contest

Go to Animal’s Instagram account @animalbikes, post a photo that features an Animal logo, than tag the photo under #anmlinsta and when they will reach 5000 followers they will pick the lucky winner.

Animal – Steven Hamilton

Steven Hamilton sure is putting a lot of his time into filming lately, cause we have seen quite a lot of new edits of him over the past few months. Check out his latest for Animal Bikes shredding street spots and also doing a few skateboarding moves. Good to see new stuff from this guy. Enjoy.
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Animal “What’s Good With” Mike Hoder

Animal’s just posted a new “What’s Good With” interview with Mike Hoder talking about the eleven days spent in UK for the Ride To Glory, Seattle trip, Max Gaertig and more.

256 Video

Animal brings us the 256 video from back in 1998 that was filmed in just a week using two VCRs, a Samsung 8mm camcorder and a boom box and was a bonus on the Skapegoat 1-5 DVD. Featuring Buddy, Vinnie Gencarlo, Adam Weber, Tim Travisano, Bob Scerbo, Rich Andreu, Whiteboy, Jeff Zielinski, Ralph Sinisi, George Dossantos, George Stronghilos, Josh and Tom Stober.
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Mike Brennan Animal Ad

Mike Brennan with a gap to crank arm grind for Animal’s latest print ad that was featured in Ride BMX, issue 181, May-June.

Animal – 2012 Seattle Jam

Click on the above photo and you will get a bunch of photos from Animal and theri 2012 Seattle Jam experience. Mike Hoder, Edwin Delarosa, Max Gaertig, Deaf Paul and more all black in white.

Animal X Base Brooklyn – Get It Together Jam

Animal and Base Brooklyn teamed up to host a “Get It Together Jam” on June 23rd at the Mullaly skatepark in Bronx, NY. Check out full flyer after the jump.
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Animal Jam In Seattle

Animal is hosting a jam at Seattle’s Greenlake skatepark on Sunday, June 3rd with Mike Hoder and Edwin De La Rosa. If you are somewhere near, make sure you go to the park.
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Animal Spring / Summer Hats Available Now

Animal just got all their new spring/summer hats. You can check them out on this link.