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Reminisce With Tyrone Williams

Animal caught up with Tyrone William to talk about his ad from DIG 73 back in August 2009. Read it here.

Jeff Kocsis Animal Ad

It looks like Animal started posting their print ads, that were featuring in some past issues of magazines. This one features Jeff Kocsis with the move from his welcome to the team edit from Ride, issue 180.

Max Gaertig Animal Ad

Animal’s ad from Ride BMX issue 177, the December 2011 issue, featuring their German rider Max Gaerting pulling a sick double peg in NYC during his visit last summer.

Animal Spring / Summer 2012 Lookbook

Defgrip posted up a lookbook featuring the spring/summer collection of Animal hats and T-shirts. They sure have a big number of new shirts coming. Click on the above photo and check it out, cause it’s damn good.

Animal 2012 Tees & Snapback

Head over to RideBMX site and you will find the whole collection of T-shirts and a snapback from Animal for spring 2012.

Animal “What’s Good With” Jeff Kocsis

Animal caught up with Jeff Kocsis about the stuff he’s been up lately, his two trips to Austin, his last Animal edit, his future planes and more.

Now this really is crazy:
“This is crazy. We were staying at Josh Stricker’s house. It was raining one day, and Vinnie and I just took a walk to the store around the middle of the day. We were walking through this alleyway and we saw a bum sleeping on a mattress; it was pouring rain out. We didn’t think anything of it; we just thought he was cracked out. We were walking back, and he’s still in the same spot. We almost couldn’t believe he didn’t get up from it raining so hard. A few hours go by, and Bob comes walking in after getting a cup of coffee from the store and he says that there tons of cops, barricades, caution tape all around the alleyway. He talked to one of the cops and he said the guy on the mattress actually had been dead for the last seven hours. Vinnie and me just look at each other; we couldn’t believe on top of everything, we saw a dead body. We were just shaking our heads. Once we loosened up, it was the topic of conversation.”– Jeff.

Mike Hoder Welcome To Animal

Mike Hoder…..Welcome To The Team from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

We all already knew that this is coming. Mike Hoder os now officially on the Animal Bikes team. Hoder don’t need to film a long welcome to the team edit, only one clip and it is enough.
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Animal Made In USA Softgoods

Defgrip posted up a flipbook showing all the new and upcoming, made in USA, softgoods from Animal. You won’t see BMX products that are made in the USA to often, so click here and check them out.

Animal Presidential Bars Flyer

This is a flyer featuring Jared Washington’s signature Animal Presidential bar that will be out this spring to tease you a little bit.

Vinnie Sammon Lost Footage 2002

Vinnie Sammon Lost Footage 2002 from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

Vinnie Sammon’s old raw footage from a Shine Video Magazine road trip back in 2002. Vinnie killing rails and ledges and also does a truck driver over a dirt jump.