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Anthem II Declassified – Ramp / Street Mix

Stem Johnson and Albion teamed up to release another declassified section from Anthem II. It features street and park riding from Brian Hunt, Ryan Wert, Sandy Carson, Ben Hittle, Gary Young, Tony Cardona, Mat Hoffman, Chester Blacksmith, Joey Garcia, Matt Roe, Shad Johnston, Vic Murphy, Derrick Gerrand, Hoang Tran, Cam Wood, Dave Thomson and more. Enjoy.
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Anthem II Goeff Slattery Declassified

All the leftover clips from filming for Geoff Slattery’s Anthem II section put in one edit, that was premiered on the Least Most. How can this be the Declassified edit when there so much good and quality stuff in it?
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Anthem II Declasified – Robbo

Stew Jonson brings you some leftover clips from filming for the Anthem II DVD featuring Mutiny rider Robbo shredding his local Villij trails. Robbo has style, that’s for sure.
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Anthem II Unseen Gallery

If you click on the above photo you will get nine of unseen photos from DIG 80, shot by Rob Dolecki.
After you’ve done with that, come back and watch Mark Mulville’s Anthem II “Trails Declassified” video.

DIG X Anthem II – Trails Declassified – Mark Mulville

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When Mark Mulville and Anthem II are in the title you know it’s going to be wild. DIG is presenting you an exclusive Anthem II “Trails Declassified” edit featuring Mark, put together with the unseen and leftover footage from the filming for the legendary video. Enjoy.
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Dirt Ron Welcome To Bone Deth / Anthem II Declasified Video

Seen on The Union.
“Bone Deth welcomes freestyle weirdo extraordinaire “Dirt Ron” to the bone deth DeadMan team. Celebrated by an Anthem II “Declassified” put together by Stew Johnson with all footage shot from Anthem II that has yet to be seen until now.
Thanks Stew… and welcome aboard Dirt Ron… Bone Zone in San Diego.”
– Sean Burns.

Anthem II Declassified – Brian Foster

Anthem II Declassified – Brian Foster from FITBIKECO. on Vimeo.

Stew Johnson released another “Declassified” section from Anthem II, featuring Fit Bikes’ Brian Foster. Enjoy while Brian blasting these trails.
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Anthem II – Trails Declassified

Click on the above photo to get the video.

“After not touching the Anthem II hard drives for over a year, i have cranked them back up to release the “declassified” series of unseen Anthem II footage, These edits are comprised of second angles and clips that didn’t make the cut for the DVD.
Expect to see almost a dozen edits over the next few months. We will be releasing one edit each week on a different website, so be on the lookout for those.
First up, we have a collection of unseen trail footage that was filmed all over the world. Anthem has teamed up with Exclusive BMX to bring you this footage. Exclusive will be donating a portion of their add revenue to the Catty Woods insurance fund, so the more you watch this edit, the more you help Catty Woods to survive.”
– Stew Johnson.

2011 Ride BMX NORA CUP Recap Video

And here it is. The video from 2011 Ride BMX NORA Cup awards. The best ramp rider is Dennis Enarson, best dirt rider Chris Doyle, best flatlander Moto Sasaki, best street rider Garrett Reynolds, Best racer Marc Willers, the best video part goes to Dennis Enarson (if you didn’t saw it yet you must do it immediately) and the best video of the year is Anthem II.
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