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Anthony Perrin Welcome To Vans EMEA Team

Vans started flowing French street assassin Anthony Perrin back in 2012 and they knew from the beginning that this kid will progress and will make a name in the industry for himself. He sure did and over the years we saw plenty of incredible stuff from Anthony and now they are welcoming him to the EMEA team. From now on Anthony Perrin will be part of Vans’ European team and this his is official introduction. His welcome to the team edit is just as amazing as any other of his web videos. Super technical and super smooth with a really amazing style of riding. Anthony is killing is so freaking hard and I always get stoked when a new web edit from him drops on the world wide web. Kid is just good and he never disappoints. watch out for this kid in the future. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more madness from him. Hit play now and enjoy this beauty.
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Frenchys Meeting V4

FRENCHYS MEETING V4 from frenchys on Vimeo.

For the fourth year in a row Frenchys sent their riders on their “Meeting” trip and last summer they were killing spots in the east of France. The video is now done and ready for your viewing pleasure. Featuring riding from Nico Badet, Joris Coulomb, Matthias Dandois, Maxime Charveron, Alex Valentino, Adrien Lecomte, Anthony Perrin, John Garcia and Ben Gea.
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Marie Jade – Chut! Behind The Scenes

MArieJADE – Chut! – Behind Silence from MArieJADE on Vimeo.

All you Marie Jade fans out there, here is a treat for you. A minute less than forty minutes long behind the scenes video from filming for the Chut!, featuring Nicolas Badet, Joris Coulomb, Nicolas Terrez, Arnaud Wolff, Max Terrasson, Renaud Coquillon, Ben Perrier, Winaï Khamp, Kevin Kalkoff, Tommy Lauque, Remy Masset, Anthony Clain, Anthony Perrin, Alex Valentino and more. Seat back, relax, get comfy and enjoy watching.
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Marie Jade – Chut! – Acte Final, Lyon

MArieJADE – Chut! – Acte Final, Lyon from MArieJADE on Vimeo.

What an amazing start of the day, with this mind blowing fourteen minutes long video from Marie Jade’s last installment in the “Chut!” series, where the crew took a trip to Lyon, France to destroy street spots. Featuring riding from Joris Coulomb, Maxime Terrasson, Nicolas Terrez, Arnaud Wolff, Kevin Kalkoff, Renaud Coquillon, Anthony Perrin and Alex Valentino. Must see people.
In case you missed their fall/winter 2013 lookbook, check it out now.
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Anthony Perrin Welcome To Federal

And it is now official, Anthony Perrin is from now on officially on the Federal team. I know Anthony has joined the crew some time ago, but the welcome to the team edit dropped just now and it is mind blowing. From super technical combos to insane moves (like that last 180 barspin over the double set of stairs), Anthony once again proved that he is one of best in the game. Must see.
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BMX Street Station Jam – Best Trick Highlights

Video highlights from the best trick contest that happened on The Shadow Conspiracy coffin as part of the BMX Street Station Jam that went down a couple months ago in Lyon, France. Now, I think I am going to press that play button for one more time, because so many insane moves went down and all deserve another watch. Winner was Anthony Perrin with a sick up nose manual to 180 barspin.
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Anthony Perrin Eclat Ad

Anthony Perrin scored himself a print ad from Eclat that is featured in The Albion magazine. The photo was taken in Hong Kong, shot by Steve Bancroft, and it is Anthony jumping over this rail.

Dig X Anthony Perrin In Budapest

As part of Anthony Perrin’s interview in DIG magazine, issue 96, “Youth Of Today” issue / The Kids issue, they made a trip to Budapest, Hungary to explore the city and to film this amazing and ridiculously good web video. I don’t really know where to start, because you know Anthony always shuts our months with his riding and this one is no different. The only thing I will comment is that barspin over 22 stairs… insanity. Must see.
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Eclat – Kings Of Kong Tour

Eclat team riders Dillon Lloyd, Darryl Tocco, Nathan William, Shane Weston and Anthony Perrin took a trip to Honk Kong last month and tried to get the most out of it. With a heavy crew as this one you know heavy, wild, crazy, ridiculous and insane stuff will go down and they sure did. All five pulled a big amount of serious stunts and this video documents them all. You better get comfy and seat tight, cause otherwise it will blow you away.
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Frenchys Meeting V4

The fourth version of the Frenchys Meeting trip series is on and Maxime Charveron, Anthony Perrin, Alex Valentino, Joris Coulomb, Adrien Lacomte, John Garcia, Nicolas Badet, Ben Gea and Matthias Dandois are all part of it. Follow Frenchys’ Facebook page for all the updates.