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Antoine Nau Bike Check

Antoine Nau is a Macneil rider from France who is getting hooked up through Unleaded BMX. He recently built himself up a fresh new Varsity setup, that you can now check out over on the Macneil web site. Dialed.

Antoine Nau Welcome To Macneil

Macneil and Unleaded are proud to introduce you their newest rider, Antoine Nau. I didn’t knew what to expect in his welcome to the team edit, because this dude can go big, tech, smooth, you name it. It turned out that it includes pretty much everything. So much good stuff, but the highlight was definitely the nollie tailwhip. Filmed around Toulouse, France by Florent Ferrari.
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Stolen / Unleaded – Antoine Nau

Antoine Nau is Stolen’s French connection through Unleaded BMX and here is just a quick look at what he is doing over the summer, shredding bowls and destroying streets.

Twenty Bikes – Antoine Nau / Antoine Nau from on Vimeo.

Really cool edit featuring Twenty Bikes rider Antoine Nau with some great park and street clips. Enjoy.