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Still Hungry #6

Still Hungry #6 from Anton Ö. Arnarson on Vimeo.

Anton Örn Arnarson is still hungry all the time and if you are hungry for some Icelandic/world BMX scene here is 11 minutes long meal for you featuring Johannes Magni, Robert Sindri, Bjarki Hardarson, Gunnlaugur Steinar, Arnor Ingi, Sindri Hauksson, Jon Runar, Jon Oli, Markus Manninen, Jens Skeppstedt, Magnus Bjarki, Nils Tjarnström, Matthias Dandois, Benedikt Benediktsson and Anton himself.
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Rite – Anton Örn Arnarson 2013 Edit

Anton Örn Arnarson – 2013 from Bike Store on Vimeo.

The year 2013 has been a busy year for Reykjavik, Iceland’s Anton Örn Arnason. He already released a ton of web edits, but here is something more he filmed at the spots around his hometown for his sponsor Rite. It is no secret that Anton is killing it the hard way and has full of stuff on lock. This edit is something you must not miss, especially for the first clip.
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Park Clippin’

Gunnlaugur Steinar Halldorson sent through a Park Clippin’ mix edit from the Reykjavik, Iceland locals, like Anton Örn Arnarson and others. Even if the weather up there is not the best for riding there is still plenty of really good riders up there, so click play and check what they got in store for you.
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Still Hungry #5

It is Anton Örn Arnarson who is back with a new web edit, that is basically made out of the clips that he never used in previous projects. This Iceland guy was really busy filming in, now already last year, year 2012. Even if these are all leftovers, there is still so much good stuff in here.
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Anton Arnarson Edit

Anton Örn Arnarson just can not stop this year, he was dropping edits like crazy and here is one more (I think the last one?). Anton is one of those guys who is riding his bike no matter cold temperatures, well, that is part of the life if you live in Iceland, I guess. One more time, Anton showed us how things need to be done with this three minutes long mostly street edit.
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Nashua Session

A fun and chill edit featuring Anton Örn Arnarson, Logan Pallian, Kyle Bouley, Zack Trafton, Niles Harris, Joe Nelson, Matthew Dean and Andrew Marfoli riding at the Nashua skatepark in New England.

Granite Edit

After three sessions of filming and riding at the Granite indoor skatepark in February with Anton Örn Arnarson, this is what came out with special guests Kenneth Bondeson, Kyle Bouley. Bars to smith to whip? Anyone?
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Anton Örn Arnarson Welcome To The Rite

Anton Örn Arnarson – Welcome to the Team from Anton Ö. Arnarson on Vimeo.

Anton Örn Arnarson was recently added to The Rite pro team and to make it official, he filmed a new street and park edit in new Hampshire, Massachusetts and Ice Land.
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Another Anton Örn Arnarson Edit

Anton Örn Arnarson was filming for the new “Scattered Bikes” DVD but since he used different camera the clips couldn’t be used for the DVD and he made this edit. Anton is progressing fast. Enjoy.
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Anton Örn Arnarson Edit

Anton Örn Arnarson from Anton Ö. Arnarson on Vimeo.

Did anybody miss Anton? Well here is another chill edit of Anton Örn Arnarson doing some moves at a skatepark.

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