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Tom Dugan And Arrash Saidi Visit 4130 Bike Company

Tom Dugan and Arrash Saidi visit 4130bikecompany 2014. from 4130 BikeCompany on Vimeo.

Fit’s Tom Dugan and S&M’s Arrash Saidi visited the 4130 Bike Company shop in Malaga, Spain and here is a quick video from the signing and giving away free products.

Arrash Saidi Bike Check

S&M Bikes threw together this quick eight photos long flip book to show you Arrash Saidi’s current Credence MOD setup. Flip through it.

Heath Pinter Trails Session

Heat Pinter throws down a session at his backyard trails in Souther California with Arrash Saidi, Jared Eberwein and Andrew Lazaruk.
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