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Savakas – Ashley Charles Commercial

Ashley Charles Commercial from Savakas on Vimeo.

A quick little commercial for the England based clothing brand, Savakas, featuring Ashley Charles going over the trails and pulling a rad turndown. Filmed by Zach Krejmas and edited by Pierre Blondel.
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Mutiny’s Behind The Scenes – Kyle Davenport’s Gap

If you saw Kyle Davenport’s latest Mutiny edit, you saw that crazy drop at the end and if you would like to get behind the scenes how it all happened, Mutiny now dropped this rad vid of it. Ashley Charles dressed up like a tourist to distract the hotel owners, while Kyle was up there taking a few tries and finally cleared the gap.
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Ashley Charles Off United

This is one big an unexpected news. Ashley Charles has parted ways with his long time sponsor United. No idea why this happened, maybe a better opportunity? Who knows.

How To Tire Slides With Ashley Charles

Tire slide is one fun trick, especially when it comes to cruising around the skatepark and having some fun. Ashley Charles is here for you to tech you how to do a proper one on a quarter pipe. Now go out and learn them.
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Ashley Charles On Savakas

Savakas is proud to introduce you their newest member, Ashley Charles. Along with the announcement they already dropped his bio page, where you can find a few photos of Ashley and also a few things about him, to get to know him a little better.

[Re-Up] United Bike Co – Touring Japenese Video

Along with the feature in the latest issue of the Ride UK magazine, they now dropped a video from the trip to Japan that United Bike Co riders Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Ashley Charles and Christian Rigal took a little while back. There is too much goodness in here and one insane banger from Christian. Must see.
When you are done with watching, you can also check a few photos up on Ride from the trip.
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United Dinero Frame Ad

This United’s latest print ad from the Dig issue 93 magazine, featuring their Dinero frame. Have you seen Alex Valentino and Ashley Charles promoting it yet? No? Do it now, cause they put a lot of work into these promos.

Ashley Charles United Dinero Frame Promo And Giveaway

Collateral teamed up with United to bring you Ashley Charles promo for his colorway of the Dinero frame, a quick interview and most important, to host a giveaway, where they will give one lucky winner a Dinero frame. Make sure you don’t pass this one.
Update: The edit is now embeddable.

Ashley Charles United Ad

United’s latest print ad featuring Ashley Charles getting this nose bonk done somewhere in Japan, while Walter Pieringer was there to captured it on his camera. This ad can be found in the 12th issue of The Albion magazine.

Ride UK “No Front Teeth” Full Video

More BMX Videos
No Front Teeth is Ride UK’s classic video and also first ever published from back in 2003, this makes it almost ten years old. This was actually uploaded online five years ago, but now we have it here for you, split in sections after the jump, starting with Ashley Charles’ section above. Enjoy the goodness.
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