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A Day In The Life Of Ben Hucke

A Day in the Life of Ben Hucke – More BMX Videos

Ever wondered what Ben Hucke is doing on a windy day in Portland, Oregon. He gets breakfast, chai latte, head over to the local concrete skatepark to try and ride for a little bit, then he picks up Levi, buys some Legos for the big Christy Mack challenge, shreds Lumberyard and eats a healthy dinner. Oh and if it is a good day he reaches 10k followers on Instagram.
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Shadow Conspiracy – KIL In Review

2013 was a busy year for The Shadow Conspiracy crew, being all over the United States making Keep It Local tours as sick as possible. Here is a collection of the footage filmed on tours featuring Trey Jones, Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Johnny Devlin, Ben Hucke, Seth Kimbrough, Drew Bezanson, Eric Bahlman, Albert Mercado, Mark Burnett and Jono Hoping.
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Getting Serious With Ben Hucke – Episode 9

Diamondback’s Ben Hucke heads to UK for his ninth episode of the Getting Serious series where he is pretty much hitting skateparks all the time, but somehow managed to convince the crew to also get some street riding done. Lot of solid riding in here and lot of hilarious moments. Hit it.
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Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD Leftover Mix

Dan’s Comp Roll Call DVD Leftover Mix from on Vimeo.

The filming for the Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD is over and on Monday, November 25th it will be available for you to get your hands on it, but until then, here is a rad leftover mix teaser featuring Broc Raiford, Ben Hucke, Shane Weston, Alex Magallan, Tony Hamlin, Tony Neyer and Trey Jones.
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Freegun – Ben Hucke Skatepark Edit

Freegun Underwear Presents: Ben Hucke’s Morning Cruise from Freegun on Vimeo.

A morning warm up session at one of Portland’s skateplazas with Freegun Underwear rider Ben Hucke, captured by Fat Tony. Ben always comes with something hot and this time around the hottest move is definitely the candy bar vader burner. Enjoy.
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Ben Hucke And Lahsaan Kobza – Toolin’ Around

Shadow Conspiracy shredders, Ben Hucke and Lahsaan Kobza, putting Shadow’s Multi Tool to a good use while building themselves up their setups before opening a cold one (with the tool).
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Diamondback “In Transit Tour”

Back in September we posted the trailer for Diamondback’s “In Transit Tour” video and today we are posting the final product which features riding from Ben Hucke, Jay Cowley, Ollie Palmer, Roger Soler, Nik Ford, Aaron Nardi and Karl Feix. Seat Back, relax and enjoy while the crew shreds and kills skateparks.
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Ben Hucke And Levi Shredding The Yard

Ben Hucke and Levi in a quick “20 Seconds Tuesday” edit shredding the Lumberyard. I think it is time now Ben to put on cranks on Levi’s bike and let him start pedalling and cruising around.
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Dan’s Comp – Ben Hucke Edit

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Ben Hucke – More BMX Videos

Street and skatepark riding in Washington and Oregon from Dan’s Comp pro team rider Ben Hucke. Ben and his style are two things that never let you down in an edit end this one is no different. Lot of goodness in here worth taking a watch.
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Getting Serious With Ben Hucke – Utah Edition

Fresh new Getting Serious With Ben Hucke episode is here and it is all about getting serious in Utah, riding bikes, BMX, road bikes and MTB. Thereare also clips from Hucke’s jam featuring Ben himself, Jake Seeley, Jared Washington, Mike Gray, Zack Gerber and others.
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