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Ben Hennon Bike Check

Ben Hennon

FatBMX posted a bike check with UK rider Ben Hennon. Check for more info, photos and a short interview up on FatBMX.

Tom Perry Bike Check


Tom Perry built himself a new bike and he was lucky enough to get some prototype products also. To check what parts he is riding go to Odyssey site!

Edwin DeLaRosa Bike Check

Edwin DeLaRosa

Frame: Skvr Bridge 21.25?
Fork: Skvr
Bars: Skvr Prototype
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Van Homan Video Bike Check

Van Homan Video Bike Check – More BMX Videos

Vital BMX got an opportunity to talk to Van Homan about his bike. He is riding Fit VH 3 frame, Mike Aitken topload stem, Fit High handlebars, etc. Check it!

Cult’s Dakota Roche Bike Check

Dakota Roceh Bike Check

Dakota Roceh Bike Check

Dakota Roche build himself a new Cult bike.
Photos by Ryan Navazio