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Gonzalo Lagos Video Bike Check

Bike Check Gonzalo Lagos from Arsenal Bike Shop on Vimeo.

Wow, another edit with a Graveyard song? That is getting kinda weird at the moment. Here is Gonzalo Lagos running your through his personal Premium CK setup and nailing down a few hot street moves for a good measure. Enjoy.
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Arrash Saidi Bike Check

S&M Bikes threw together this quick eight photos long flip book to show you Arrash Saidi’s current Credence MOD setup. Flip through it.

Devon Smillie Bike Check

Make your way over to the Fly Bikes web site and check out this dialed looking bike setup from Devon Smillie in details, check the parts list and also read about his style when it comes to clothes.

Timmy Theus Bike Check

Over on the Cult web site you will find Timmy Theus’ current chrome machine, so if you would like to check this dialed whip more detailed head over there.

Kim Boeing Video Bike Check

Kim Boeing – Bike Check from Vicente Filizola on Vimeo.

Get a quick look at Kim Boeing’s current bike setup and check a few slow motion clips of this kid going with style. I know there is not much riding in here, but I somehow really liked the web video and decided it is worth a post.
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Michael Jordan Bike Check

No no, it is not that Michael Jordan, it is Volume Bikes’ represent from the UK, who is doing it for them through the Elephant Distribution. Make your way over to Volume and see what this kid is currently riding.

Michal Mycek Video Bike Check

MICHAL MYCEK: COLONY bike check from AveBmx on Vimeo.

Ave BMX rider Michal Mycek can play guitar and he can shred his bake and if you would like to see his Colony machine and check this kid in action, pulling some clean and technical lines, hit play button above.
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Maxime Degardin Video Bike Check

Maxime Degardin Bike Check 2014 from Matthieu Jalbert on Vimeo.

Get a quick look at Maxime Degardin’s current Total Hangover setup and watch this guy in action, pulling some wild stuff at this indoor skatepark. Last combo on that small kicker was nuts.
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Aiden Amesbury Bike Check

Check Aiden Amesbury’s parts list after the jump.
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Alex Donnachie Bike Check

BSD dropped a bike check with one of their most technical rider, Alex Donnachie, to show you his current Passenger setup with prototype Donnasqueak 2.4″ grey tires. I never really though about changing the color of tires, but I must say these look pretty rad.