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Rafel Sandoval Bike Check

Check Rafel “Raffa” Sandoval’s parts list after the jump.
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Mike Meister Video Bike Check

Colorado shredder Mike Meister runs you through his current setup, tells you about the switch back to riding pegs and does some sweet street and skatepark riding. Filmed and edited by Justin Benthien. Seen on ESPN.
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Corey Martinez Bike Check

United just dropped a bike check they did with Corey Martinez to show you his dope looking Beacon V2 setup. Visit their page if you want to check more photos, close-ups and parts list.

David Grant Bike Check

Make your way over to the BSD web site to check out David Grant’s current RVIDXR 21.6″ setup. This bike is huge, but at the same time very raw and very dialled.

Mike Curley Bike Check

Make your way over to the Wethepeople web site to check out how Mike Curley’s current bike looks like. No parts list, just close up photos of his setup, but if you are a fan of Wethepeople and Eclat you will have no problems guessing all the parts Mike is running.

Tom Smith Video Bike Check

Shadow Conspiracy AM rider Tom Smith teamed up with Jeremie Infelise and filmed a few, no, actually, he filmed tons of solid skatepark lines for this video bike check. Last nose manual to manual to nose manual to 180 line was incredible.
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Albert Mercado Bike Check

Albert Mercado has a bike check up on The Shadow Conspiracy web site showing you his current Kink Tocco II setup, that you have seen in his latest “Home, Sweet Home” video, which you can find below. This rusty bike looks solid.

Tom White Bike Check

Head over to the Animal Bikes web site and check out Tom White’s current Animal/Skavenegr setup. Now this is what I call a raw and solid bike.

Daniel Juchatz Bike Check

Daniel Juchatz has built himself up a fresh new Mankind setup laced with almost all Mankind parts and Shadow half link chain and Demolition Momentum tan-wall tires. Bike look dialled.

Johnny Devlin Bike Check

Above is a flip book showing you guys Johnny Devlin’s current S&M Bikes ATF setup laced with a couple other S&M products and mainly Shadow Conspiracy parts.