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Daniel Juchatz Bike Check

Daniel Juchatz has built himself up a fresh new Mankind setup laced with almost all Mankind parts and Shadow half link chain and Demolition Momentum tan-wall tires. Bike look dialled.

Johnny Devlin Bike Check

Above is a flip book showing you guys Johnny Devlin’s current S&M Bikes ATF setup laced with a couple other S&M products and mainly Shadow Conspiracy parts.

Antony Lille Bike Check

If you are into raw and solid looking setups you will definitely like checking out Antony Lille’s personal machine. Head over to BSD web site to get more photos of his bike and the parts list. He is still running the handlebar from back in 2006. I don’t know how many riders out there are running a handlebar for 7 years.

Jamie Bestwick Video Bike Check

Jamie Bestwick – Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos

Jamie Bestwick runs you through his Iron Man inspired bike setup and does all bunch of wild riding at the Woodward ramp facility. Jamie sure is one of the best of all time in the game of vert riding and it is always great to see fresh stuff from him.
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Antoine Nau Bike Check

Antoine Nau is a Macneil rider from France who is getting hooked up through Unleaded BMX. He recently built himself up a fresh new Varsity setup, that you can now check out over on the Macneil web site. Dialed.

Will Fisher Video Bike Check

Will Fisher Bike Check for Norco BMX from ben kaufmann on Vimeo.

Will Fisher recently built himself up a fresh new prototype Norco BMX setup and tested it out at the Shell Park in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. His bike setup looks dialed and so does all the riding clips that are mixed in between.
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Gary Young Video Bike Check

Gary Young: Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos

Gary Young runs you through his personal tan Sunday Bikes and Odyssey setup and does all bunch of rad shredding at the Woodward Cooper. Always great watching this guy shred. Check it out.
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Mike Murfitt Video Bike Check

Mike Murfitt’s Heavy Hitter from PlusSizeBMX on Vimeo.

Plus Size BMX dropped a video bike check that they made with one of their rider, Mike Murfitt. Mike runs you through his personal SE Bikes Heavy Hitter setup and does all bunch of rad riding to make things look even better.
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Channon Balorian Video Bike Check

Channon Balorian recently got added to the 34R team and to say thank he teamed up with Mike Askari behind the lens to get a video bike check done with some fine riding at the 040 BMX park.
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Mike Fiz Bike Check

United dropped a sweet bike check with one of their world team rider, Mike Fiz, showing you his dialed looking Dinero setup.