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Ralphy Ramos Bike Check

Ralphy Ramos has a bike check up on Animal Bikes web site where you can check out more photos and the parts list and make sure you get a better look at the prototype sprocket and seat Ralphy is currently testing.

Kriss Kyle Bike Check

Kriss Kyle just built himself up a new BSD Passanger setup, that you can now check over on the BSD site along with the parts list and a few words from Kriss about the bike and frame and what changes he made to his new signature frame.

Derek Dorame Bike Check

One more bike check for you guys. This time fro S&M Bikes rider Derek Dorame showing you his white Hucker setup. Find more above and one beasty barspin gap.

Tom Dugan Bike Check

Above you can check out a few photos of Tom Dugan’s current Fit TD350 setup, a few action shots and parts list. No you know what makes Tom go so ridiculously high.
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Matt Nordstrom On Odyssey And Bike Check

Matt Nordstrom is a really young gun, who progresses so fast and is already killing it really hard on a bike. Odyssey is stoked to announce the news that he is now part of the squad. Above you will see a flipbook where you are able to check Matt’s current ride and if you don’t know who Matt is, please watch his edit below. He will blow you away, I guarantee you.

David Purser Bike Check

Check David Purser’s parts list after the jump.
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Cooper Brownlee Bike Check

The guy of many talents, Cooper Brownlee, has a bike check up on the Colony web site, where you can check out his current 2014 Colony Teddy setup.

Travis Cordova Bike Check

Fit threw together photos of Travis Cordova and his bike in the slideshow above to show you his current Benny L setup, build up using mostly Fit parts and to show you what extreme heat treatment means.

Dan Paley Bike Check

There is a bike check up on the BSD web site made with Dan Paley, so head over there, check out all the closeup shots, parts list and a few words about the setup from Dan himself.

Oscar Mendoza Video Bike Check

Oscar Mendoza sailed to the marine and went fishing and to his surprise he caught one big red steel fish that people are calling it BSD. Get a closer look at the fish above and check what are all it’s parts below.
FRAME: Trail Or Park 20,7″
BAR: High Lander 8,5
FORK: Ghetto Fork V3
STEAM: Race Steam V2
CRANKS: BSD Cranks 175mm
SPROCKET: 3D Sprocket 25T
F. HUB: BSD Front Hub
B. HUB: BSD Back Hub
GUARDS: BSD Guards front/back
PEGS: BSD Pegs Crank Pipe
GRIPS: Forever Lo Grips
SEAT: Live Life Seat