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Zack Gerber Video Bike Check

Zack Gerber runs you through his current Redline setup and nails down a couple hot moves for a good measure. I must admit, the army green colorway with black splatter looks pretty damn good. Check it out. Filmed and edited by Jeff Tabb.
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Joris Coulomb Bike Check

Joris Coulomb recently built himself up a fresh new Subrosa Noster setup, that you can now check up on the Subrosa web site, along with one action shot. Bike looks really dialed to me.

Garret Hoogerhyde Bike Check

Garret Hoogerhyde has a bike check up on Animal Bikes web site showing you guys his Skavenger and Animal setup. Rust, metal, 4-pc handlebar, upside down top load stem and more make it looking like a strong machine.

Jason Watts Bike Check

20 year old Jason Watts has a bike check up on Haro web site along with an interview about the bike, Australia, favorite rider, his 2014 plans and more.

Sergey Gal Video Bike Check

Macneil’s Ukrainian connect through Kingsbikes, Sergey Gal, recently built himself up a fresh new Varsity setup and filmed this video check out, to show you all the parts he is running at the moment and to nail some clips done. It is in Ukrainian, but if you don’t understand, don’t worry, there is a lot of great stunts in here that will keep you entertained.
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Jimmy Rushmore Bike Check And Interview

It was Jimma Rushmore’s birthday yesterday /Happy Birthday Jimmy), today United dropped a bike check they made with him and an interview and on Monday his new web edit comes out. Head over to United’s web site and check out photos, parts list and read the interview about the filming for the new part, his favourite video part and more. If you missed the trailer watch it below.

Tony Malouf Bike Check

Make your way over to the BSD web site to check out the all new bike from Tony Malouf. 165 mm cranks? I don’t remember seeing that on a street bike before. Also, take a good look at some of the prototypes Tony is riding.

Broc Downer Bike Check #2

Check Broc Downer’s parts list after the jump.
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Elbert Cirino Bike Check

Check Elbert Cirino’s parts list after the jump.
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Yoni Cadenas Video Bike Check

Check out what Yoni Cadenas is currently riding along with serious of really good street clips for a good measure, making this a very enjoyable video bike check from Fisure BMX. Yoni has style and I like watching him wearing a helmet, even if jumping over sets of stairs, or grinding rails.
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