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Billy Purcell 2013 Leftovers

Billy Purcell 2013 leftovers from FTL on Vimeo.

Here is a collection of leftover clips Billy Purcell filmed over the year 2013, filmed and edited by Sam Cunningham, with additional filming by James Appleton.
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MMXIII Mix from James Appleton on Vimeo.

James Appleton threw together unseen clips filmed over the course of 2013 featuring Isaac Lesser, Billy Cooper, Vince Mayne, Billy Purcell, Tom Milham, Damien Kidd, Mike King, Steve Fraser, Harry Rushworth, James Battershill, Ryan McGranaghan, Paul McGranaghan, Liam Rogers, Alex Palmer, Ben Saunders, Jake Hilling and Sam Everette.

Nike | Chosen – Sean Pointing

Nike Chosen was a video contest they did some time ago and one of many submissions was Sean Pointing’s. From filming and editing to riding this piece is more than amazing. I enjoyed every second of it, especially the intro part of it. Featuring riding from Billy Purcell, Sean Pointing himself, Billy Cooper and Justin St George. Go watch it.
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Getting Dirty Tour 2012

Getting Dirty riders Kane Hennessy, Isaac Lesser, Martyn Cooper and Billy Purcell, recently took a tour visiting various skateparks like Nottingham Flo, Deeside and Terminal 1 and brought back home tons of really good footage. Everyone has his own style of riding, but the final product is amazing and that last barspin drop-in was insane.

Wednesday Night At ROM With Billy Purcell

Billy Purcell had a late session at the ROM on Wednesday with his friend Billy Mills who also appears in this quick edit. Some nice and sweet riding from boths of the guys.

Billy Purcell Edit

BILLY PURCELL from Sean Pointing on Vimeo.

“I recently shot this edit for my boy Billy Purcell, as some of you may know but for others of you that don’t Billy ‘IS’ Romford through and through so it seemed pretty fitting that we would film his edit at the legendary Rom skatepark. We battled through hangovers, cramp and tropical heat to get the filming done but I’m stoked on how the edit came out and hope you enjoy it too.”Sean Pointing