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Biz Can Hop

Nope this is not a hop out of the jump, but it is a huge hope out of a double peg grind from Ryan “Biz” Jordan for their newest wallpaper. Read the story behind this photo here.

Biz And Enns Demolition Wallpaper

Usually there is only one rider on the advert, but Demolition made an ad featuring Ryan “Biz” Jordan and Jason Enns both doing this pretty long icepick.

Ryan “Biz” Jordan Bike Check

Ryan “Biz” Jordan has his latest Verde Kiraly bike up on ESPN.

Ryan “Biz” Jordan Bike Check

Ryan “Biz” Jordan just built himself a brand new all black Verde bike.

Biz And Dillewaard – Woodward West Trip

WoodWard West Trip from Dave Dillewaard on Vimeo.

“Biz and I took a trip out to WoodWard West and ended up with a couple of clips each. I threw em together in imovie and this is what we got.”– Dave Dillewaard

Ryan “Biz” Jordan Bike Check

Ryan Jordan

RideBMX just posted a bike check with Volume, Demolition, DC Shoes, Hart and Huntington rider Ryan “Biz” Jordan.