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Blunted Athletics – Chandler Park Short Clip

Blunted Athletics crew, Matt Closon, Lahsaan Kobza and Shane Cecil, drove to Chandler concrete skatepark before the lights turned off for a session. All three went solid in here, but we can all agree that Shane Cecil’s riding is pretty much the highlight in here. All those pegs stuff he did are freaking awesome. The quality is not the best, buu who cares about quality these days? It is the riding what matters and there is plenty of good riding here. When you are done watching head over to Blunted Athletics web site and check if the have something good for you. I am quite sure they have.
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John Stafford Killing Plaza – Blunted Athletics X ECBMX

BLNTD ATHLTCS x ECBMX x John Stafford – Plaza Sessions 2014 from Blunted Athletics on Vimeo.

John Stafford hit up this skate plaza with Alex Romero behind the lens to film stuff for his sponsors Blunted Athletics and East County BMX. John is one really technical and solid rider and he knows how to get the most out of a freecoaster hub. I have no idea in how many sessions this was filmed, but it actually does not matter. Plenty of really good and proper stuff in here you will definitely enjoy watching. Hit it now.
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Blunted Athletics – Lahsaan Kobza Park Nugs

Lahsaan Kobza – Park Nugs – Short & Smooth from Blunted Athletics on Vimeo.

A short Lahsaan Kobza clip for the Blunted Athletics to start the year 2014 in style. This kind of edits are my favorite, short but solid and end with a dope banger. Expect to see a lot more from Lahsaan in 2014.
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Blunted Athletics – Imperial Beach AM Session

Blunted Athletics – Imperial Beach AM Session from Blunted Athletics on Vimeo.

Blunted Athletics AM riders, Jack Acosta and Mariano Santiago, having a session at the Imperial Beach, while Alex Romero was there for them to capture all the hot stunts.
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Blunted Athletics – Jack Acosta Winter 2013

Jack Acosta – Jack Frost’s BLNTD Winter 13 from Blunted Athletics on Vimeo.

Blunted Athletics’ AM rider Jack Acosta filmed a little present for his sponsor and for all of us, to make the Christmas time even better. Jack teamed up with Alex Romero behind the lens and hit up various street spots and managed to stack tons of great clips. Hit play immediately and enjoy every second of his winter 2013 web video. Kid is a shredder.
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Blunted Athletics – Tammy McCarley “Dana Short”

Tammy McCarley is on fire this year with filming and look, here is a new one for Blunted Athletics. Tammy can go regular, opposite, with pegs, with pedals, with speed and just knows how to have fun on a bike. Enjoy.
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Blunted Athletics “One Bang” – Tammy McCarley No. 4

Tammy McCarley getting a super fast clip done for Blunted Athletic’s “One Bang” series. That’s all.
(I really with this was a three bangs series, not just one)
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Blunted Athletics – Lahsaan Kobza’s Summer Fun

Blunted Athletics crew is working on a new video called Forever Rolling and to give you a little look what is happening with the filming here are some leftover clips from Lahsaan Kobza filmed in Liverpool, San Diego, Detroit and Phoenix. Nothing crazy in here, but it is always great watching this dude shred.
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Blunted Athletics’ One Bang – Lahsaan Kobza

Blunted Athletics dropped the third version of their One Bang series featuring no other that Lahsaan Kobza getting a pretty sweet and also crazy run done. Lahsaan started his line slow but the ender is kinda big, inst it?
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Blunted Athletics – Tammy McCarley Behind The Scenes

Blunted Athletics now released these behind the scenes video from filming for Tammy McCarley’s recent short documentary, that includes second angles and a crazy wild line that was not featuring in the original video. Filmed and edited by Chi Hom.
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