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Troy McMurray Benefit Photogallery

I started following Troy McMurray and his riding ever since I first saw the Props Road Fools 5 video. Troy simple killed it in that video, with all the dope riding that I just couldn’t stop watching. Troy had some bad luck lately with health and had two very scary trips to hospital. To show him some love and support first check a photo gallery on BMX Union and than make a donation.

Brett Rohlfing’s Best Of 2012

Brett Rohlfing was a really busy guy over the past year, filming stuff for various projects for Ride BMX, BMX Union, Freegun Underwear and many more. He went through all of his footage, picked the best and made this Best Of 2012 edit. Plenty of really good stuff in here.
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Three Days With Big Daddy

Go to The Union for more videos.
“JC Pieri recently spent three days with Pat “Big Daddy” Laughlin riding Da Compound, Ben Snowden’s backyard and some fine Santa Ana street. Check out this video that gives you a look into what they got into in their time together.”- The Union.

Dan Coller Interview

Up on BMX Union you will find an interview with Kink rider Dan “Lil Dan” Coller. Read about what got him into BMX, how was on his trip to California, who are his biggest influences and a lot more.

Mick Mayzand Interview

Mick Bayzand

“Mick Bayzand is one of the regular names popping up around the Australian scene the past few years from the Colony team. I figured with Mick’s 2nd signature Colony Teddy X Strictly collaboration in the works, recovering from a pretty wild injury, and filming at full speed for the Colony video that it was a good time for some questions. Mick came through with some real solid answers in the process of all of this.”Kurt/
Hit this link to read the interview with Mick.

On The Horizon: Quintn Co.


Head over to BMX Uninon to get every informations about Quintin Co, when in starts, where are they based out of and more.