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Mellon BMX Moved To Facebook Only

mellon bmx
Hey lovely shredders, I have a good and a bad news for all you. Since I am currently really busy with my small leather handcrafted business Mellon Kreft, I will not be able to post content on Mellon BMX. Well, this was the bad news, now here comes the good news.
Even if I will not be posting stuff up here, that does not mean I will quit supporting BMX. False. You can still send me emails, videos and all the news you have and would like to share it with me. Just because there is a good chance it will end up on Facebook. Yes, Mellon BMX Facebook page will still be live entertaining you with news from around the globe.
That is all. Boom!

Juanje Trujillo “One-Handed BMX Rider” Welcome To FisureBMX

I don’t know who is more excited right now, me watching this amazing new edit from Juanje Trujillo, or guys over at FisureBMX. Probably both the same. I really can not say how much I enjoyed watching this dude shred. Juanje is the newest member of the FisureBMX team and what’s incredible he has only one hand and he shreds. Not only shreds, he kills it. Juanje Trujillo has a modified handlebar that allows him to ride on walls, grinds, pulling 180s and many more goodness.
Stop winning about riding BMX bikes and how you can not do it and stuff. Enjoy and have fun with it no matter what. Everyone can do it and Juanje Trujillo is an amazing example.
Just hit play right now and enjoy watching this dude riding and pulling awesome stuff.
Filmed and edited by Yoni Cadenas.

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The Cycle Show – This Is BMX

The Cycle Show – This Is BMX from CenturyTV on Vimeo.

Here is a pretty rad one, especially for all you guy who are just getting in the game of BMX riding. Find out everything you need to know about street riding, the bike, pegs and more and see various pro rides shredding and killing streets. All these clips were already seen, but it is great to remember all those mad moves.
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Trip Apache 2013

TRIP APACHE 2013 from john garcia on Vimeo.

A few BMX and skateboard friends got together, packed their stuff in a van and made a three days long trip visiting a bunch of concrete skateparks. Good music, good riding and I still think and will think the same forever, BMX and skateboarding really fit together good (I know a lot of you people out there will disagree with me big time, but I actually don’t care, cause I grow up with lot of skateboarding friends and it’s just sick seeing these dudes shred).
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Sick Sad World

Sick Sad World from bluebmx on Vimeo.

Do you like watching people get hurt? I am not the biggest fan of crashes, especially not if things get nasty, but here is a compilation of bails for you to check out. Oh, one more thing, in between all the fails, there is also Miley Cyrus doing her thing, in a slow motion.
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Nepal – Crank Tits Skateboard And BMX Trip 2011

Five friends got together to get a trip to Nepal done back in 2011 and on a trip they took BMX bikes and skateboarads and all the film and photograph equipment. Through their adventure they film tons of proper stuff, action and non-action, cultural and other things. No, Nepal is not the next Barcelona, but it sure is an amazing example, that even places where BMX or skatobard trips aren’t usually planed to are amazing and can offer a huge amount of amazing spots to ride.
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This Is What Happens If You Ride A BMX Bike 50 MPH

Kids, do not try this at home.
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Contest Postponed…

Memorial Day Weekend Edit

A couple of friends spent the holiday weekend riding various spots around Philly and Baltimore and came back with this, really awesome web edit. Enjoy.

Monday Edit: BMX In Ghana

When people around the world are complaining about the bike parts not working right or the weight or just the color, these guys are enjoying in everything they got. Seen on Ride.
“Every year I go to a different country in Africa to do bike shows with Christian missions groups. This year during my trip to Ghana I was caught off guard when about 25 serious bike riders showed up to the show. They were the raddest dudes that went by names like “Black Fire” and “Computer Man.” I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to pull out my camera and capture their 80?s dance style flatland shredding!”– John Andrus.
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