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Skapegoat 9

The new Skapegoat version 9 is up on the world wide web and ready for your viewing pleasure. They didn’t filmed clips especially for this one, this is basically a collection of footage riders (Animal, Skavenger & others) filmed while filming for the QSS 5 “The Price Is Wrong” video. If you are down for solid east coast street riding and other stuff besides riding, you will enjoy in every second of this 15 minutes long piece.
“There will be zine packs available that will have Skapegoat 9 DVD, a copy of QSS 5 and an 88 page color zine that should be done in a week or so and available through Empire, more news on those when they are done.” Bob Scerbo
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S&M Please Kill Me Full Video

Hell yeah. S&M’S fifth full length video, Please Kill Me, is now on Youtube and ready for you to watch it. This awesome and classic video, that was released by in 2004 features Josh Stricker, Adam Baker, Amos Burke, Martin Lotterle, Bob Scerbo, Vic Ayala, Brian Wizmerski, Rob Darden and Matt Beringer. It was filmed and edited by Bob Scerbo and Brian Wizmerski. Must watch.
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Animal Bikes QSS 3 “Foreign And Domestic” – Mix Section

Animal Bikes uploaded to vimeo the mix section from the QSS 3 “Foreign And Domestic” video featuring riding from Vinnie Sammon, Edwin De La Rosa, Brian Wizmerski, Bob Scerbo, Ralph Sinisi, Butcher, Steven Hamilton, Tom White and many more. These are probably all of the riders I was looking up to when starting riding my bike and still am. If you haven’t seen it yet, now you will.
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Props Issue 37 – NJ Scene Report

Another classic video from Props. They dropped the New Jersey scene report from the Issue 37, that was filmed somewhere in 2000 on the streets, skateparks and trails around the city with Ralph Sinisi, Joe Tiseo, Grimaldo Durran, Bob Scerbo, George Dossantos, Brian Tunney, Garrett Byrnes, Keith Terra and more. It is so awesome watching stuff I watched all the time back when I was just getting in the sport.
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Props Issue 40 – La Revolution Toronto

This is a classic section from the Props Issue 40, posted by request, featuring Brian Terada, Bruce Crisman, Stephan Prantl, Bob Scerbo, Jamie Spritzer, Van Homan, Allistair Whitton, Dustin Guenther, Robbo, Pat Juliff, Josh Heino, Garrett Byrnes and many more riding the ramps at the Toronto’s La Revolution contest.
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Skapegoat 7

Animal Bikes’ Bob Scerbo is back with a new installment in his Skapegoat web series, dropping now the 7th video. It features riding from Steven Hamilton, Garrett Byrnes, Stevie Churchill, Rob Dolecki, Dakota Roche, Tom White, Brian Wizmerski, Joe Rich, Garret Hoogerhyde, Jeff Kocsis, Pat King, Bob Scerbo and many more. Besides all the riding you will get tons of bonus, a huge fight, footage of Van Homan breaking his leg and more.

Bob Scerbo Bike Check

Check out Bob Scerbo’s current whip in the above flipbook that Terrible One put together. It’s a classic street beast.

Bob Scerbo ESPN Interview

Bob Scerbo has a cool interview up on ESPN talking about the Skavenger DVD, it’s online release and cheap DVD, ABD, how much spots in videos mean to him and more. Go read it here.

Animal “Cuts” – Bob Scerbo

Bob Scerbo’s section from Animal “Cuts” video. When it comes to Bob than you know there will be a lot of original and unique moves. Enjoy.
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