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Bone Deth At Rad Riders Bicycle Shop

The flyer pretty much says it all, so if you live anywhere near that area, make sure you be at the Rad Riders bicycle shop on that date to meet the Bone Deth crew.

Bone Deth – Jay Wilson Bastard Colorway promo

Jay Wilson tried to get this insane rail ride to double peg grind done and got destroyed. A year later he comes back on his Bone Deth Bastard colorway and clears it perfectly. There is some nasty stuff in here, so if you are a weak person, don’t watch it.
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Bone Deth – 48 Wheels Promo

Now this is what I would call a proper promotional video for a product. First you give the product to your team riders to test it out and of course tape all the madness, then you tell all the specification and later you tell and show why your products is worth buying. This is a promo video for Bone Deth’s 48 hole wheels, with Sean Burns telling and showing why you need these rims and that they will never let you down, not even when pulling an insane gap and you land a little more forward.
Featuring riding from Sean Burns, Chris Crawford, Jay Wilson, Lee Hopkins, Kert Petersel, Dirt Ron and Dean Dickinson.
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Ant Scarer – Bone Deth Artist

If you ever wondered who does the art work for the crazy guys over at Bone Deth, here is now your answer. The Ant Scarer from Dunedin, New Zealand. Get a quick little story behind the work from Sean Burns himself, along with all the designs and also some riding action from Ant.
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Bone Deth – Boner House Episode 2 – Pony Boy

Oh man, sometimes I don’t even know what to think about the Bone Deth crew and Sean Burns for example, but he always surprises the world with something wild, crazy, weird and insane, let it be on or off the bike. Here is the second episode of the Boner House where Burns is a Pony Boy. You must not miss this one in your life.
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Kert Petersel Bone Deth / Zeal Distribution Ad

Kert Petersel with this dope over pedal grind for Bone Deth’s and Zeal Distribution’s newest print ad that can be found in The Albion magazine. Photo taken by Lee Hopkins.

Bone Deth – Boner House Episode 1

Crazy people over at the Bone Deth started with a new web series called Boner House and here is the first episode called The Tip. You never know what to expect from these guys, so all I will say is that Sean Burns and Chris Tardiff are featured in here. See it for yourself.
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Bone Deth’s Instagram Contest

Guys over at Bone Deth are hosting an Instagram contest where you can win yourself a Deadman bar. All you have to do is shot a photo of pulling a roof drop, or gap, or just go on a hunt searching for spooky girls. Upload photo on Instagram, tag @bone_deth and use hashtag #sitonmybone. Winner will be picked on November 1st.

Jamie Mauri – Surfin For The Ugly Broads Section

I just saw that I had some problems with this post and since I just spotted Jamie Mauri’s Bone Deth “Surfin For The Ugly Broads” section up on the site for one more time, I decided to re-post it. This is definitely my favorite part from the video and I already watched it several times and I was super stoked to watch it for one more time. Enjoy.
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Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX Part 2

Fly Bikes
The second batch of product videos from the Interbike 2013 from Ride BMX is here and it includes new parts and products from Fly Bikes, Deluxe, Bone Deth, Fairdale, ODI and Merritt. A lot of new stuff will be there on the market in the coming months, from new Devon Smillie Fuego line from Fly, to all the new goodies from Merritt, ODI, Bone Deth and the rest of the brands. Watch more videos afterthe jump.
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