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Bone Deth – Summer Boogie 2

The second installment in Bone Deth’s Summer Boogie series is all about weirdness, girls, balls, riding and some other random stuff from Colt Fake, Kert Petersel, Chris Crawford, Lee Hopkins, Waffle, Sean Burns, Albie Bennett, Bungay, Party Management, Dean Dickinson, Dirt Ron, Jay Wilson and Webster.
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Bone Deth Speed Freak Sprocket

Bone Deth. Bone. Deth. Speed Freak. Speed. Freak. Sprocket. Sophia Fatale. Sophia. Fatale. Teeth. 25. 28. 30.

Bone Deth – Coffee Grinders With Lee Hopkins

Lee Hopkins’ signature Bone Deth Coffee Grinders pegs are available now and to drop the news in style here is a very solid promotional video. Lots of four pegged stuff in here and one serious rail hop to drop. If you like coffee and if you drink at least 5 cups a day, you need to get yourself these pegs, otherwise, you will be sleepy all the time.
“I drink coffee before bed, lots of it, so I can dream fast.”
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Bone Deth 2013 Stitches – Sophia Fatale

Sophia Fatale promoting Bone Deth’s newest softgoods line. Not your everyday promotional video, naked but, wet T-shirt, enjoy. But don’t enjoy it too much.
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Bone Deth – The Porn Hub

After one year of testings, Bone Deth now has their Porn Hubs available and with the Dome rim, they together form a very strong wheelset, that will be available in March 2014 and will come in two options, 36h and 48h. They recommend you the 48h, but if you are not as crazy as they are and you are not jumping off roofs and clearing big sets of stairs you are fine with the 36h option. More specifications and photos soon.

Killed By Bone Deth Tour

The Bone Deth crew is working on a new DVD and recently took the Killed By Bone Deth Tour from Boston to Bethlehem, where they filmed enough leftover clips to get this tour video done. From big drops and nasty crashes to fast pedaling, babes and weird stuff, this is another amazing product from the crew that consists of Colt Fake, Sean Burns, Lee Hopkins, Albie Bennett, Kert Petersel, Chris Crawford, Dirt Ron, Waffle, Dean Dickinson and Party Management.
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Bone Deth Penetrator Cranks Commercial

A new commercial for Bone Deth’s Penetrator cranks, that should be available on September 1st, 2013, featuring Waffle testing them with pulling a crank arm slide down the rail, Kert Petersel puking and hot chick. The crew tested these cranks to the fullest and if they hold them, they will hold everyone.

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Donner Party At Granit Gorge Jam

Shajn Raines of Bone Deth is organizing the Donner Party at the Granit Gorge Jam in Roxbury, New Hampshire on August 10th, 2013. A lot of brands are supporting the jam, so you know it’s going to be one hell of a day. Don’t miss it.

Kert Petersel Bike Check

There is not much of a bike check up on the above photos, but it is all about the babe. Bone Deth’s Kert Petersel and his black machine. Chicks like the Vibrator seat, it is obvious.

New Bone Deth Seat Colorway Sneak Peek

You are looking at a sneak peek that Bone Deth just dropped of the new and upcoming colorway of their seats. Looks like red snake will be touching your bum and legs when riding your bike.