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Maid Of Ace – Dirty Girl

The Maid Of Ace is an all girl punk/rock band straight from Hastings, UK and this is the official video spot for their Dirty Girl song. Why we posting this? Because Bone Deth’s own Waffle is being a star in it. Girls, rock, punk, well, enjoy lads.

Bone Deth – Dean Dickinson Edit

Dean Dickinson is now officially part of the Bone Deth Deadman Team and this is his official video introduction. You know how it goes with Bone Deth, get a hot chick, film some wild stuff with her and than go out and film some more rad stuff on your bike. Pools are Dean’s specialty, so most of the clips are from pools, but there is also street shredding in here for a good measure.
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Killed By Bone Deth Tour

Kert Petersel, Albie Bennett, Lee Hopkins, Chris Crawford, Dirt Ron, Dean Dickinson, Wafle, Colt Fake and Sean Burns will be on a Killed By Bone Deth Tour, starting June 8th. They will hit Action Wheels, Extremez Bike Shop and Circuit BMX, so if you are anywhere near any of those shop, go there and meet the team.

Bone Deth – Colt Fake Colt45 Frame Promo

New Bone Deth stuff is also good and here is Colt Fake promoting his signature Col45 frame hitting streets from Hastings, UK to Orlando, FL. Colt does some wild stuff (as usual) and there is a babe getting the frame all over her body and enjoying it as much as Colt does when jumping big drops.
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Bone Deth – Penetrator Crank Testing

You ever wondered how guys over at Bone Deth test their products? There are two methods, the torture method and machine testing. They used both methods for their new and upcoming Penetrator cranks and here is how it goes. For the torture testing they gave cranks to Kert Petersel for six month to beat the crap out of them and for machine testing, well, I won’t say a thing about it, you need to watch it and see it for yourself.
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Peoples X Rotten Premiere

This upcoming Friday, April 12th, 2013, Peoples store in Cologne, Germany is hosting the Rotten DVD premiere. If you are down for some super fast riding, crazy gaps, probably some nasty crashes that you definitely need to go over there.

Bone Deth – Idiots Take One

You know Bone Deth always has some weird people in their web edits, well here is a collection of some they filmed, while cruising around the streets. This is just the first part, I am sure there will be plenty more of this stuff.

Bone Deth – Jay Wilson Tortue Testing

Even if this is not pulled and even if it is just one trick, it is more than enough to show you how hard is Jay Wilson testing the new Bone Deth wheels, Bio Dome rim and The Porn hub. This 720 is insane.
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Bone Deth Coffee Grinders Sneak Peek

Bone Deth dropped a sneak peek of Lee Hopkins’ signature Coffee Grinder pegs. Above is a promo video and below you will find a flipbook for more photos. These pegs also come with a wax, to make things grind even better. The package looks so damn good. I can not wait to get myself a cup of coffee in the morning.

Colt Fake Bone Deth Colt45 Frame Promo

This is a promo for Colt Fake’s signature Bone Deth Colt45 frame. It is actually made out of the other frame promo mixed with some other goodness and voila, here is a fresh new one. I hope there’s going to be a web edit of this guy coming out in the near future.
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