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Rotten Video Trailer 2

The second trailer for the upcoming Rotten video, that should be out very soon. These guys will once again produce one crazy video full of wild stuff. I will say one more thing, Kert Petersel is an insane guy, just check out that last 360 attempt and you will know what I am talking about.
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Bone Deth – Dirt Ron & New Web Site

Is today the new web page day? It looks like it is. Bone Deth finally went to a decent web page and ended using their old one (it still is available, but they will probably take it off soon). They also drop a fresh new web edit from Ron Pitcher aka Dirt Ron shredding the streets of sunny San Diego, California. This guy went through some nasty crashes for this one but came out with an awesome edit. His creativeness and original moves are the best.
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Bone Deth Deadman Bar Ad

I think this ad will ran only on Bone Deth’s Facebook page, but we want to make sure that you won’t miss it, even if you are by any chance not following those guys on FB, so this is why we are posting it up here. This babe holding Sean Burns’signature Bone Deth Deadman handlebars. That’s all.

Waffle Bike Check

Bone Deth dropped a bike check with their shredder Waffle to show you his current Creepozoid setup. After you go through the parts list, click here to check one more photo of Waffle getting a crank arm grind done on a rail.

Dirt Ron Bone Deth Poster

There just isn’t a single thing from Bone Deth guys that will be “normal” or at least wouldn’t have something crazy going on. This is a look at their poster featuring Dirt Ron dropping into this small bank. What is on the left side, think about it yourself.

Bone Deth Frame & Parts Giveaway

There is a pretty big giveaway going on up on the Dan’s Comp site where you can win custom painted Bone Deth Colt 45 frame, Deadman V2 bars and a Bottom Feeder fork along with Burning Rubber grips, a Speedfreak sprocket, Vibrator seat and a Bone Deth sticker pack. This custom painted black & red leopard style products looks so sick.

Bone Deth Hub Guard Sneak Peek

Bone Deth dropped a sneak peek of their upcoming chromoly front and rear hub guards. No more info and release date yet.“…and from current testing have proven to be the strongest and fastest hub guards any of us have ever ridden.”– Shajn

Bone Deth Cranks Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek of the new and upcoming 2.5 piece Bone Deth cranks that are currently in the testing mode. This cranks are made to be strong and it needs to be like that, since pretty much the whole team is getting crazy on their bikes all the time. No release date and no more info on these yet, but expect soon.

Bone Deth Rumble Pit

While most of the pro riders were focused on the Texas Toast Jam this past weekend, New England Jam Chowder was also happening in Connecticut. Bone Deth hosted a Rumble Pit, where they threw some wood and garbage in a row and you need to came across it and try to pull a trick at the end. This is some crazy stuff, well it’s from Bone Deth, so what else to expect.

Dane Webster – State Representative

Watch and be amazed.
“Daniel Webster, Massachusetts State Representative, speaks to the South Shore Chamber of Commerce about the upcoming election.”Bone Deth