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Bone Deth UK Shop Tour

Next week, July 28th, Bone Deth riders Sean Burns, Colt Fake and Kert Petersel will be heading to the UK for the Seventies Bone Deth Shop Tour, where they will be visiting Alpha BMX store and Stoke Plaza. You definitely don’t wanna miss this.

Bone Deth “Speed Freak” Sprocket Promo

This is a promo for Bone Deth’s newest sprocket, the Speed Freak, that will make you go so fast that you will be able to rip dresses off of girls without a problem. Sprocket is made out of 7075 alloy, 5.85 mm thick, available in three different sizes, 25t, 28t and 30t and five different colors.
Featuring Shajn Raines, Sean Burns, Colt Fake, Chris Crawford, Kert Petersel, Jay Wilson, Party Management and Big Red.
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Bone Deth Creepozoid V2 & Dead Leisure Frames

The Merged posted sneak peeks at the new Bone Deth’s Alex Liiv’s signature Dead Leisure (above) and Sean Burns’ signature Creepozoid V2 (below) frames. Also click here to check out the new Deadman V2 bars.

When Colt Fake Isn’t Riding A Bike…

When Bone Deth’s Colt Fake isn’t riding a bike, doing massive gaps and huge 360 gaps you can find him with a pogo stick at Universal Studios Orlando. Check out the full photo of Colt in action after the jump.
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Bone Deth – Chris Crawford “Burning Rubber” Grips Promo

It is time for some boobies, naked buts and awesome riding. This is a promo for Chris Crawford’s signature Bone Deth “Burning Rubber” grips.

“Chris Crawford sampling his new bone deth signature Burning Rubbers grips whilst bone babes get down on the rubber. Stay safe, stay protected. practice safe riding. ( Bone Deth Buring Rubbers Grips help reduce the risk of blisters and sexually transmitted diseases.)”
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Shajn Raines Bone Deth Ad

Bone Deth’s latest ad featuring Shajn Raines with a wallride to table to promote the Speed Freak sprocket.

Bone Deth – Rapist Trustfund

There is no doubt that Bone Deth crew and of course Sean Bursn aren’t crazy as hell. Watch above, laugh and be amazed. This is just sick.
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Bone Deth – Behind The Scenes: Babes 101

When you have Bone Deth crew and some half naked chicks together, you know wild things will happen. Above are behind the scenes from their various photo shootings featuring girls doing crazy things.
“Outtakes and behind the scenes footage from Bone Deth babe shoot’s. A little insight of whats going on in these weird wild clips and how some of them were unplanned… mostly filmed in the basement of bone deth’s home THE BONE YARD.”
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Bone Deth – Burning Rubbers Giveaway

You don’t see Bone Deth doing a giveaway very often. Well here are the details:
“To Win three pairs of signature Chris Crawford “Burning Rubber” grips send in Photo’s you’ve taken of Chicks with Bonedeth somewhere in the photo or crash clips of yourself to by May 5th. The Winner will be who ever sent in the Hottest / Ugliest chick photo or Best Crash. Results will be announced May 10th. Good Luck.”Bone Deth.
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Mike Tag Benefit Raffle

“A donation for Mauls Brawl this upcoming weekend in Taunton, MA. Nick Allen painted this rad green leopard bone deth Liiving Dead frame for us to give away. It will be raffled off… $5 a ticket and the proceeds will go towards bmx Legend Mike Tag. if your looking to help mike out for more than just being greedy to win this bad boy of a frame… go over to FBM where you can make a donation. if you have no idea who mike tag is.. here is one of his classic video parts. remember this was all filmed between 1999-2001. nuts back then and still killer today.”– Sean Burns, Bone Deth.