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2 Hours With Borja Salgado

2 hours whith Borja Salgado – RapitBmx from Anthony valero on Vimeo.

If you spent to hours with Borja Salgado, this is what you get. two hours are converted into two minutes long web edit filmed at the fun looking concrete skatepark in Barcelona, Spain. Man, I really started to miss BCN, but thank god I go there in about three weeks (too bad not riding-wise).
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Barcelona Locals Dirt / Park / Street #1

I remember being in Barcelona, Spain a few years ago and I almost didn’t saw any riders and look at it today. The local BMX scene is getting so strong, so many good riders and this mix web video of dirt, park and street riding from Ignasi Pradas, Marcal Mora, Kevin Bernal, Eric Sans, Borja Salgado and more is one good proof.
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Borja Salgado Edit

Borja Salgado came out hot with tons of solid and technical stuff, filmed around the beautiful and sunny Barcelona, Spain. The switch nose manual was sick, but this is not it. There is plenty more good and quality stuff in here, what makes this edit a must watch. Every time I see something like this to drop from Barcelona, I wanna return back there even more.
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24/7 Life

If you are always pumped to see some new stuff from the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain like I am, here is a fifteen minutes long video for you, featuring Carlos Mariscal, Borja Salgado, Aaron Maqueda, Kevin Bernal and Albert Castro. This was all filmed over the course of three to four months and the final product is a pretty damn good video.

Ten Clips With Borja Salgado

Ten really cool clips with Borja Salgado riding this awesome concrete park that I think is in Barcelona, Spain (I’m not 100% sure). This guy has skills and tons of tricks which he pulls with style.
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Borja Salgado Proper Edit

Borja Salgado hit the streets of Barcelona, Spain (I think) for his new Proper edit. The edit was filmed by his friends and edited by Borja himself.
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Vilanova Edit

VILANOVA______EDIT from Borja Salgado on Vimeo.

A one day edit filmed at the Vilanova skatepark with Carlos Mariscal and Borja Salgado.