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Redline Bicycles – Brandon Dosch At Markit Ramps

Brandon Dosch MARKIT ramp session from Redline Bicycles on Vimeo.

Before moving to Austin, Texas, Redline Bicycles’ rider Brandon Dosch headed to San Diego to get one last session done at the Markit Ramps. With his wild, smooth and stylish stunts Brandon never disappoints and always comes out with hot stuff. Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal.
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Redline Bicycles – #Rltxtour Full Dvd

#RLTXTOUR Full DVD from Redline Bicycles on Vimeo.

Redline Bicycles dropped the extended Dvd footage from the #Rltxtour they took this past summer to Texas to hit riding spots of Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Featuring riding from Brandon Dosch, Tyler Fernengel, Josh Hult, Zack Gerber, Glenn Salyers, Brandon Christie and Flip.
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Redline BMX At 2013 Texas Toast Jam Dirt

Redline BMX at Texas Toast Dirt Finals from Redline Bicycles on Vimeo.

I told you we will be seeing footage from the 2013 Texas Toast Jam through the whole year and maybe also in the beginning of 2014. Redline BMX crew, Tyler Fernengel, Josh Hult, Brandon Christie, Glenn Salyers and Brandon Dosch, having fun, fun, fun at the dirt part of the competition.

Redline Texas Tour Video

This spring Redline riders went on a trip to Texas, to shred streets, ditches and trails around Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. This video that they filmed on the road will be featured on the extended Redline Texas Tour DVD dropping later this year. With a heavy crew as Redline’s is, mad stuff will go down and this is a good proof.
Riding from Brandon Dosch, Tyler Fernengel, Josh Hult, Zack Gerber, Glenn Salyers, Brandon Christie and Flip.
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X Games Brazil – Park, Dirt & Big Air Highlights

The 2013 X Games in Brazil are over and here are the highlights from the park, dirt and big air contests. You will be seeing madness from Kyle Baldock, Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Brandon Dosch, Zack Warden, Vince Byron, Chad Kagy and more.

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X Games Brazil Results

After the jump you can check the results from the X Games Brazil and above you can watch Kyle Baldock’s winning park run. Kyle not only won park, he also dominated dirt. And Jamie Bestwick once again showed who is the best in the world when it comes to vert riding.
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How To 360 One Footed Euro With Brandon Dosch

If you want to step up your stylish 360s, Brandon Dosch is here for all you guys out there to teach you how to get 360 one footed euros done. Don’t kick your foot like a kooky karate kid, get comfy and go with style.
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Brandon Dosch – Road To Recovery

Brandon Dosch: Road To Recovery – More BMX Videos

You know how much it suck being off the bike, especially if it is due to an injury. Brandon Dosch crashed back in August, had a surgery and took a six months long road to recovery. Hear from him above and than check him out shredding. trails, skateparks, streets and also a race track.

Session At Stephen Murray’s

Session at Stephen Murray’s – More BMX Videos

Pretty damn heavy session at Stephen Murray’s Stay Strong compound with Anthony Napolitan, Hucker, Brandon Dosch, Pat Casey, Fuzzy Hall, Jared Eberwein, Larry Edgar and more. Style for miles from all the riders and tons of really sick stunts. Enjoy.
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We Made It – Unit B Session

Nate Richer, who filmed and edited this whole thing, Dan Norvell, Jourdan Barba, Matt Closson, Brandon Dosch and Tyler Fernengel were lucky enough to get an extra hour at the Unit B indoor skatepark in Santa Ana. All of the mentioned riders are serious shredders, so you know plenty of good stuff will go down in here.
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