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Mutiny – Cool Story Bro Video

Hell yeah, it is finally here. The final video of Mutiny’s Cool Story Bro series is here and much better than expected. Filmed in USA, Spain, France, Germany and England from the beginning of this year to August 2013. Featuring riding from Robbo, Matt Roe, Josh Bedford, Justin Simpson, Brandon Hoerres, Grant Castelluzzo and many more. This one is a must see one.
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The Bakery “Special Recipe” – Grant Castelluzzo And Brandon Hoerres

Trailer dropped earlier this week and since today is Friday, the original edit is here. Mutiny Bikes riders Grant Castelluzzo and Brandon Hoerres are next guys who got lucky to shred Brian Kachinsky’s indoor ramp facility, The Bakery. Tons of technical stuff in here from both two. Brandon’s over icepick to 270 out and all Grant’s smith combos are a must see.
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Preheating With Brandon Hoerres And Grant Castelluzzo

The Bakery is dropping a fresh new Baker’s Dozen edit this Friday, August30th 2013, with Mutiny Bikes riders Brandon Hoerres and Grant Castelluzzo. This is the preheating where they are giving you just a few insights, so you don’t see much of a riding. Can’t wait to see what this one pulled over there.
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Cool Story Bro – Brandon Hoerres

Mutiny is back with a new episode of the Cool Story Bro series featuring Brandon Hoerres. Brandon talks about cold Milwaukee winters, his pet collection (that cat is fat), studying and riding. This episodes are absolutely amazing and each riders always comes up with some good and enjoyable.
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Mutiny – Brandon Hoerres & Grant Castelluzzo At 4 Seasons

This edit gets pretty ridiculous with all the technical moves Mutiny’s Brandon Hoerres and Grant Castelluzzo pulled. Grant taking it to the next level with grinds and Brandon with topside grinds and stalls. But what I just sad, is just a small piece of what you will see in here. Hit play and enjoy.
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Brandon Hoerres Bike Check

Brandon Hoerres just built himself up a fresh new Mutiny Rune setup with all their newest parts. Brandon and Grant Castelluzzo are currently working on a new web edit that should be out very soon, but for now, check the bike here.

New Mutiny Posters

Mutiny Bikes’ got two new posters for you guys over there featuring Josh Bedford, getting a gap done, and Brandon Hoerres, with a tight topside double peg. You can get these two at your local dealer or Mutiny’s webstore.

Mutiny “Come Together” Leftovers

This is awesome. Seven minutes of leftover footage from filming for Mutiny’s “Come Together” video featuring Josh Bedford, George Boyd, Brandon Hoerres, Robbo, Matt Roe, Justin Simpson, Grant Castelluzzo, Deven Ferrer, Mat Houck, Mikey Luplow, Andy Martinez and Kyle Davenport. Sometime I think that leftover footage is even better than the original.
If you miss the video, click here.
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Brandon Hoerres Mutiny Ad

This month’s Mutiny print ad features Brandon Hoerres with a pretty crazy top side double peg that you will be seeing in the ninth issue of The Albion magazine.

Mutiny – Brandon Hoerres Quickie

First I need to say that there is just to little stuff going around the web from Mutiny rider Brandon Hoerres, because he really is an amazing and very skilled guy. Check out a fresh quick edit he filmed at some street and park spots. Enjoy.
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