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Brandon Loupos And Stuart Gibson At 040 BMX Park

In just one hour of time Mike Askari filmed all these sweet clips from Brandon Loupos and Stuart Gibson while they were having a session over at the 040 BMX Park. Brandon was on a tour with Nitro Circus and it was just a perfect time to hit the skatepark and have some fun.
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Brandon Loupos Welcome To Fox

Australian based park machine, Brandon Loupos, recently spent some time in Australia, where he teamed up with Sebastian Smith and filmed all bunch of really mad clips for his welcome to Fox web edit. It may start easy, but it get followed by big stunts like 1080s, 360 triple whips and much more.
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Nitro Circus Macau, China Highlights

Nitro Circus Macau, China Highlights – More BMX Videos

James Foster, Andy Buckworth, Jaie Toohey, Matt Whyatt, Jed Mildon and Brandon Loupos all going insane at Nitro Circu’s first ever live show in Asia. Big stuff and big stuff only, nothing else. Everyone is going insane during these shows and yes, I would love to see them live one day.
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Brandon Loupos’ New And Old Clips

These are all basically leftover clips from Brandon Loupos, some newer and some older, but hell, every single one could be used for a real web edit. But about real web edit, Brandon is working on a new piece for his sponsor Fox, which will be dropping soon. Well, when you see hammers after hammers in a “leftover” edit, you can just wonder what his upcoming clip will feature.
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NASS 2013 Pro BMX Park Final Results

A few posts below you saw the insanity that went down at the park finals at NASS 2013 contests and here we have the top three finalists. First place went to Logan Martin, second place to Brandon Loupos and third to Todd Meyn. It was wild and if you haven’t seen the highlights, watch them now.

NASS 2013 Qualifying Highlights And Results

More BMX Videos
Highlights from the NASS 2013 qualifying that went down last night, brough to you the Ride UK. The riding that went down is on an extremely high level. Massive airs, double backflips, style, technical moves, big fufanus and much more. Mike Curley, Matt Priest, Todd Meyn, Brandon Loupos, Tom Justice and many more went insane. Read more and check who got to the finals.
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Woodward West – Brandon Loupos’ 10 For 10

Brandon Loupos, the guy who pulled the world first cash roll tailwhip is here with ten clips for Woodward West’s ten anniversary. You know Brandon, he always comes out with at least one crazy move, but usually there are several. Filmed and edited by Sebastian Smith.
One more thing, one do you think about the Cash Roll Tailwhip we posted yesterday? That stunt is insane, right? Or is it really a cash roll, or just a weird variation of a 720? I go with cash roll.
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Brandon Loupos – World First Cashroll Tailwhip

I know there is a slow motion in here but I need to replay it for several time because this is seriously amazing. Brandon Loupos pulled the world first cashroll tailwhip over a rezi box jump at the Woodward West. I don’t know where things will go next, but for now this is the next level of skatepark riding. I can not wait to see this stunt pulled over a normal jump bux. Insane.
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Brandon Loupos Video Bike Check

Brandon Loupos gives you a proper look at his current Hyper bike and also gets a few fresh skatepark and miniramp clips filmed, specially for this one. I would definitely love to se some more riding clips from this guy, cause he sure has tons of skills.
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Brandon Loupos Stuck In The Moment

Barspin to tuck to footjam, double truck to tuck, 540 whip, 540 flair, double backflip, you name it, Brandon Loupos is capable of just everything. Enjoy in this madness.
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