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Colony – Brandon Van Dulken 2013

Brandon Van Dulken 2013 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

This new Colony web edit featuring Brandon Van Dulken, that was filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee at spots around Australia, Canada and at Woodward West, has so much goodness in it. From some technical moves to some insane moves, Brandon has them all on lock.
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Killemall BMX – Austin Team Trip

Killemall BMX Austin team trip from killemall distribution on Vimeo.

The Killemall Distribution team took a week long trip to Austin, Texas for the 2013 Texas Toast Jam and to ride streets and skateparks city is offering. Dirty Dave Myers, Owen Dawson and Brandon Van Dulken where all on the road enjoying the life to the fullest.
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Brandon Van Dulken Colony Advert

This is the current Colony print advert that they are running in Focalpoint’s online issue featuring Brandon Van Dulken. The photo was taken during Brandon’s Australia visit at the Snakewoods trails in Queensland.

Colony Brand – Follow The Lines Tour

Colony is happy to announce that they are going on a Follow The Lines filming and hanging out tour, starting next week. 10 riders will go on the road hitting various stores around Australia, trails spots, streets and skatepark.
Riders are: Mick Bayzand, Chris Courtenay, Marnold, Tom Stretton, Brandon Van Dulken, Jourdan Barba, Jack Kelly, Cooper Brownlee, Zac Miner and Clint Millar.
All the destinations they will be hitting can be found above.

Brandon Van Dulken On Colony Pro

Brandon Van Dulken has been ripping Colony in Canada for a while now and since this dude is one serious shredder and a down to earth guy, it was time for Colony to bump him to the pro team. If you aren’t familiar with this dude (I hope you are) watch his latest ten clips edit he filmed for Colony.

Colony – Brandon Van Dulken Ten Clips #2

Brandon Van Dulken goes super fast and boosts some massive air and also gets some technical stuff done in his ten clips edit for Colony, filmed at the Raileside skatepark in Vancouver, B.C. That high speed huge transfer from one side to the other was kinda insane. Filmed and edited by Shawn Duffield.
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Colony Brandon Van Dulken Signature Colorway

I really like the whole idea that Colony is doing with giving their international riders a chance to have their signature colorway of the frame. Brandon Van Dulken, Colony’s Canadian distribution KEA and Colony teamed up to get a very limited, only ten made, run of Teddy frames done in gun metal grey. Hurry up if you want one.

Owen Dawson And Brandon Van Dulken Mix

Owen Dawson and Brandon Van Dulken finally had some nice weather in Canada, so they hit streets and concrete to get a fresh new mix edit done. There is so much good stuff in here, what makes this edit a must see. Click play and I am sure you will enjoy it.
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Day At The Park With Brandon Van Dulken

Just a casual day with Brandon Van Dulken at the skatepark. Well, I wouldn’t say a casual, cause there is tons of good stuff in here, from sick nose manuals and barspins to wild fufanus and backflips. Just enjoy, this dude is awesome.
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Colony – Brandon Van Dulken Summer Mix

Colony connection from Vancouver, Brandon Van Dulken filmed an absolutely amazing web edit around the area and make everything looks so easy. No matter what terrain, dirt, street or trails, Brandon will ride it and not just ride it, he will murder the place. Massive kink rails, double tailwhips, stylish nose manuals and all bunch of great technical moves. Enjoy.
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