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Brett Banasiewicz Recovery Update – December 30, 2013

It is always really awesome to see Brett Banasiewicz riding his BMX bike and this is a quick little recovery updated from the past year, December 30th, of Brett shredding his The Kitchen skatepark. Stay strong.
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Brett Banasiewicz 8-30-13 Edit

I know this is not much and the quality is also poor, but who cares, it is Brett Banasiewicz on a bike shredding a skatepark who we are talking about. It is so amazing seeing this guy shred and I know we will be seeing a lot more from Brett in the coming months. Hit play and enjoy, while Brett is having fun at a skatepark.
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Vans Off The Wall Invitational Results

As you can see above it was Kevin Peraza who went home with gold medal from the Vans Off The Wall Invitational in Virginia Beach. Second place scored Daniel Sandoval and third Ryan Guettler, but I guess the overall winner was Brett Banasiewicz, showing at the spot where he went down really hard last year.

Hyper Compound Summer Camp Promo

Ramps over at the Hyper Compound are getting bigger and getting ready for the Summer Camp, where all the proceeds will go to Brett Banasiewicz to help him on his road to recovery. Check out what they are building over there in the promotional video above.

Brett Banasiewicz Pulling A Flair

This is just a short, 10 seconds long clip, but it is not Just a clip it is a The clip about Brett Banasiewict pulling a flair. One year after the injury and look at him already going crazy. This is so awesome. Seen on Athlete Recovery Fund.
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Alli Sports “Under The Gun” – Brett Banasiewicz

It has been a while since Alli Sports dropped a new installment in their “Under The Gun” series, but they are now back with a new one, featuring Brett Banasiewicz getting a new piece done on his chest. His father, Bill Banasiewiczs, tells you all the details about the tattoo and why it is so important. Follow Brett at @imaddog9 for more updates on the tattoo.
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Brett Banasiewicz Does A Tailwhip

Oh my, this is so damn good. Brett Banasiewicz is already pulling tailwhips and here is a quick clip of him pulling the trick at the Alliance indoor skatepark in Dallas. We wanna see more Brett, this is amazing.
The clip is auto-playing so Watch It after the jump.
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Brett Banasiewicz Line

I don’t care if this is really short, only 16 seconds, and I don’t care if the video quality is really poor, what is important is that Brett Banasiewicz is already throwing lines at the skatepark. This is so awesome and I hope we will be seeing more from this strong kid in the near future.
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2013 Summer Recon Tour Round 2 – The Kitchen Highlights

The second stop of the 2013 Summer Recon tour happened at The Kitchen indoor skatepark in South Bend, Indiana. Te contest was huge success, as you will see after watching the highlights above and what is also awesome, is seeing Brett Banasiewicz hanging out over there.

Redline Bicycles – Josh Hult At The Kitchen

Right after The Kitchen contest, Redline Bicycles’ Josh Hult decided to threw down a night session with his friends and it ended up filming a new web edit. Josh brings out some of his technical moves and also some big moves. It is also amazing to see Brett Banasiewicz himself in action in here.
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