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Brian Foster Bike Check

Brain Foster made a trip to Spain where he shred concrete and trails and where he also managed to shot photos for this new bike check to show you his Fit, Merritt and GSport setup in white.

Vinyl BMX “LP” DVD Full Video

Vinyl “LP” DVD | Full Film from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

After all the sections people over at the Vinyl BMX decided to get the full “LP” DVD on Vimeo for your viewing pleasure. It is Sunday and if you haven’t seen all the sections yet, get comfy, grab a snack and a drink and hit play, because this is one hell of a video. Featuring riding from Brian Yeagle, Mark Potoczny, Ryan Wert, Tom Arkus, Brad Gibbs, Vince Primel, Jeremy Muller, Ryan Popple, Chris Doyle, Denis Mowgly, Chase Zink, Tom Dillon, Ryan Melia, Brandan Pundai, Issac Hoefling, Kevin Porter, Mike Milville, Gary Young, Alex Magallan, Jason Willis, Brian Foster, Clint Reynolds, Bobby Delaat, Thomas Robinson, Lima Eltham, Jonathan Hoagland and friends. Filmed and edited by Tom Arkus.
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Vinyl BMX “LP2 DVD – Ryan Popple, Clint Reynolds And Friends Section

Vinyl “LP” DVD | Ryan Popple, Clint Reynolds & Friends from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

It is never enough of good trails riding and Vinyl BMX’s “LP” DVD is pretty much all about that and nothing else. They dropped another section from the video featuring Ryan Popple, Clint Reynolds, Brian Foster, Foerske and many more.
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Filming In Progress – Fit DVD Promo

This is the promotional video for the new and coming Fit DVD that ran before the NORA Cup and for all the people around the globe who were not able to see it, missed it, or just want to see it again, here it is. Featuring Brian Foster, Dan Conway, Pat King, Christian Porras, Jordan Hango, Ben Lewis, Justin Inman, Jack Elkins, Florent Soulas, Justin Spriet, Mike Aitken, Shawn McIntosh, Tom Dugan and Van Homan. I can not wait for this one to drop. Heavy crew means heavy stuff. Enjoy.
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2013 NORA Cup Top 5 Nominees

A little more than a week away, on Sunday, October 22nd at the Emo’s in Austin, Texas, and we will have the 2013 NORA Cup winner, but until then, click read more and check out the list of top five riders in each category Ride BMX threw together.
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Blue Falcon Fly By

You can never go wrong with some fresh new stuff from Fit rider Brian Foster aka the Blue Falcon. Here is a flipbook, consisting of eight photos, shot by Stew Johnson, from Brian at the trails.

Brian Foster Merritt Ad

Brian Foster with a dope toboggan at this bowl spot for Merritt’s latest print ad, promoting his signature bars that you can found in the DIG issue 96 magazine.

Vans 2013 U.S. Open BMX Invitational Recap

Something more from the recent Vans Van Doren Invitational that took place this past weekend. Some of the best in the world riding this wild bowl setup, but it was Daniel Sandoval who got first. Riding from Tom Dugan, Rob Darden, Sergio Layos, Dan Foley, Brian Foster and others.
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Vans Shoes’ Van Doren Invitational Finals Highlights + Results

Finals highlights from the Vans Shoes’ Van Doren Invitational contest that included ten of the best bowl riders in the world. From style to big tricks and transfers, guys pretty much murdered every inch of the bowl.
The winner of the contest was Daniel Sandoval, followed by Dennis Enrson on second place and Chase Hawk on third place. Best trick went to Brian Foster with a big 270 transfer and best line(s) to Chase Hawk.
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Merritt Spots And Shops

Merritt crew, Brandon Begin, Mike Brennan, Brad Simms, Justin Care, Brian Foster and Pauly Barnum, made a short trip through New England visiting The Daily Grind, Circuit BMX, Maul’s Bike Shop and Tony’s Bikes and Sports and several street spots in between. If you ask me, I didn’t really expect this one to include so many bangers. The 180 to double peg to fakie downside tailwhip (or how to call that) was unreal.
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