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Props Issue 37 – NJ Scene Report

Another classic video from Props. They dropped the New Jersey scene report from the Issue 37, that was filmed somewhere in 2000 on the streets, skateparks and trails around the city with Ralph Sinisi, Joe Tiseo, Grimaldo Durran, Bob Scerbo, George Dossantos, Brian Tunney, Garrett Byrnes, Keith Terra and more. It is so awesome watching stuff I watched all the time back when I was just getting in the sport.
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E Lot – A Flatland Short

This was Brian Tunney’s side project he did back in 2000 with Props and now, they are dropping it on the web. It’s great seeing stuff like this and I think we are missing projects from riders, where they are giving out their thoughts about riding and stuff along with riding and not always just riding.
“Sometimes life can become a stressful series of head games. A constant test, as if two sides of consciousness are in deep battle over the ownership of one’s sanity. Replaced, with a faithless void by your mind.
It’s believed, we, as humans, are only capable of utilizing less than ten percent of our brain. Leaving the other ninety percent untouched by our consciousness. To me, this poses a series of questions. Does this merely limit the head games, or would a deeper understanding just overcomplicate them? And if so, would we be capable of unimaginable wonders, or be relegated to confusion?
Well then how does that ten percent of my small comprehension begin to reconstruct the bridge back to personal accomplishment?
I just don’t know. Maybe I will never know. Maybe none of us will ever know.
For now, I will let these thoughts subside and rewire my mind to accept a simple series of beats and rhythms.
Some days the mind steps back from the original plan, taking you in a diverted and unwanted direction. A direction that only seems to take you backwards and over the same route many times. Why must I become so damn familiar with this path?
Some days I just don’t want to deal with these head games. Some days I just wish it could be simple. A times of frustration, my mind begins to wander.
I dream of moments of serenity, when the stresses of the day subside and set in the sky. I dream of moments of glee, when the hallway in my mind is free of clutter and I can freely travel its lengths. Maybe I should dust of my old trumpet and blow out a golden melody?
Maybe I just need to channel my aggression in new ways. Like a summer shimmer off the reflective waters, where I can pretend I’m Leonardo diCaprio as the king of the world from the hit movie Titanic.
All this I can only ponder upon.
The great thing about head games is that I’m always willing to play them, despite their frustrations, despite their challenges. Maybe it’s just part of the human spirit we all share: the desire to be competitive, even if at times it is only with one’s self.
The struggle is refreshing, and in a strange way I welcome it. I welcome the challenges I am faced with on a daily basis because I know that at the very least, they teach me and lead me to a further understanding of what this is all about.
And the passing of time, although tough on occasion, will eventually lead me to the answers for which I search so hard for. It’s the barrier my mind wishes to overcome.
Life can be funny at times. Like playing a game of tug of war where neither side has the advantage. And life can be even funnier when you beat your head at something once thought impossible. Maybe unlearning the concept of impossible is the key to exploring the mind even further?
A simple discovery in the long road ahead.”

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Brian Tunney Flatland 2012

Aaron Nardi filmed and edited this new Brian Tunney edit, that they just came out with. Every time I see a new Tunney edit, I wish it was a bit longer. Brian has such a smooth and clean style of riding and tons of skills. Enjoy the goodness.
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Halloween Jam At The 9th Street Trails

“For more than a few years, BMX trails and Halloween have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship that spans from the Northeast Pennsylvania scene all the way down to Austin, Texas. This past weekend, the annual Halloween Jam returned to the 9th Street trails, bringing hundreds of riders together for long jump comps, a rail jam, tree ride sessions and more. Veteran ESPN contributor Stew Johnson was on hand to cover the chaos, including Clint Reynolds’ Peter Pan costume and Brian Hunt’s effortless and stylish variations.”– Brian Tunney, ESPN

2012 Texas Toast Explained

“Several years ago, following an ongoing back injury, Taj Mihelich turned his focus from riding BMX as a pro to working for Odyssey BMX. Aside from spearheading a new project known as Faridale Bicycles out of Odyssey, one of Taj’s responsibilities was event planning. Odyssey, and Taj, wanted to channel the spirit of past BMX jams that were homegrown, progressive and outside the boundaries of the established norms, such as the Backyard and Metro Jams. Texas Toast was born. Last year, Texas Toast came to Austin and pitted pro riders against obstacle courses, custom-made rideable obstacles from a variety of brands, and contests in dirt and “park.” It was, for many a return to a simpler time in BMX, and this coming weekend, Texas Toast returns for its second year.”– Brian Tunney, ESPN

Inside The Mutiny Bikes Office

It is really great watching edits like this one, so can see what is happening at the offices of companies like Mutiny Bikes.
“In 2005, Gaz Sanders and Joe Simon purchased Mutiny Bikes from founding owner Steev Inge and moved the brand to Austin, Texas. As the new owners took over the brand, Mutiny took on a new life as a bike company, and almost everything about the company changed. In the following years, Mutiny released several now iconic videos and revamped everything from frames to team riders to graphics (which, by my own admittance, are some of the best in BMX).
Now seven years later, Mutiny continues to produce some of the best BMX hard goods and videos in all of BMX. Recently, Mutiny team rider George Boyd decided to take a look inside the workings of Mutiny, and the above video is the result. I know everyone might be industry’d out after this week’s Interbike coverage, but this is a small taste of what it’s like in a home grown, rider-owned BMX company.”
– Brian Tunney, ESPN
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My Spots With FBM’s Kenny Horton

Click on the above photo to watch the edit.
“FBM pro team rider Kenny Horton calls Richmond, Va. home. And when he wants to warm up before heading out for the day, he heads to the local alleyway behind a church to ride. The spot features a polejam, a mellow sub box, a flat rail and more. In the above video, Kenny introduces us to his local spot and also gets in some lines alongside his fellow Richmond, Va. BMX riders, with special guest appearances by T.J. Perry and Tim Barry.”– Brian Tunney, ESPN

Inside the Lumberyard Bike Park

“Portland, Ore., is blessed with a number of amazing concrete skateparks that are mostly bike-friendly. But one thing that Portland has not possessed in years is an indoor park that catered to BMX [or bike] needs. That left the local BMX scene sitting out the average 155 days of rainfall per year. That is now about to change. Recently, a new bike park opened in the Portland area dubbed The Lumberyard. It’s not BMX-specific, but it is BMX friendly, and the locals [including Shad Johnson, Justin Inman, Ben Hucke and Caleb Quanbeck] have started to take advantage of it. In the above video from Ben Hucke, we get an inside look at a typical BMX session inside the Lumberyard.”– Brian Tunney, ESPN
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Glendale, AZ Skatepark Scene

“Bobby Kanode recently sent over a new Glendale edit featuring the likes of Eric Bahlman, Joey Motta, Travis Cordova, Jesse Tellez, Cory Wiergowski, Nick Bullen, Dean Watson, AJ Krueger, Jake Cohoe, Jose Martinez and Brett Cohoe. Normally, we use this space to inundate you with technical information about the scope of the tricks, camera used and the lousy attitude of filmer on said day of filming, but today, we’re just going to say that Bobby came through with a great edit of a scene that has fun at the park and progresses at the same time. According to Kanode, “I think this will be the last Glendale edit I ever make, seeing as I just moved from Glendale to Tempe. It was my home park for five years, and now it’s an hour away!”– Brian Tunney, ESPN
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Brian Tunney – Last JC Clips

“These are the final clips I filmed at my flatland spot in Jersey City, N.J. before moving to California.”– Brian Tunney.