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Little Devil 1st Warehouse Ramps

Little Devil 1st Warehouse Ramps from Little Devil Brand on Vimeo.

Little Devil made live this clip that was filmed over the years 2001 to 2004 at their first warehouse ramps from their team, staff and friends. I always get stoked when something classic-style drops on the web and something from the time I started riding BMX. Featuring riding from Van Homan, Corey Martinez, Kris Bennett, Garrett Byrnes, Morgan Wade, Brian Wizmerski, Randy Brown, Alistair Whitton, Chris Adamski, Shawn Arata, Mike Finn, Matt Lippott and Derek Adams.
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Animal Bikes QSS 4 “They Too Crusty Wit It” – Brian Wizmerski

Brian Wizmerski aka Wiz and his section from Animal Bikes’ QSS 4 “They To Crusty Wit It” video is now online and ready for you to check out. I kinda like how Wiz’s style of riding is a bit different than other Animal shreders’. What is also really awesome about this section is the background song, written and composed by Brian himself.
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Animal Flicker Life – Connecticut Shop Stops

Animal Bikes dropped a sweet black and white photo gallery from the recent Connecticut Shop Stop they made with Brian Wizmerski, Jeff Kocsis, Mike Hoder, Oba Stanley and Ralphy Ramos. They stopped by at the Tony’s Bikes shop and at the Cutting Edge. Some nice flicks that’s for sure.

S&M Please Kill Me Full Video

Hell yeah. S&M’S fifth full length video, Please Kill Me, is now on Youtube and ready for you to watch it. This awesome and classic video, that was released by in 2004 features Josh Stricker, Adam Baker, Amos Burke, Martin Lotterle, Bob Scerbo, Vic Ayala, Brian Wizmerski, Rob Darden and Matt Beringer. It was filmed and edited by Bob Scerbo and Brian Wizmerski. Must watch.
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Animal Bikes QSS 3 “Foreign And Domestic” – Mix Section

Animal Bikes uploaded to vimeo the mix section from the QSS 3 “Foreign And Domestic” video featuring riding from Vinnie Sammon, Edwin De La Rosa, Brian Wizmerski, Bob Scerbo, Ralph Sinisi, Butcher, Steven Hamilton, Tom White and many more. These are probably all of the riders I was looking up to when starting riding my bike and still am. If you haven’t seen it yet, now you will.
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S&M “Please Kill Me” – Brian “Wiz” Wizmerski

Ryan Howard dropped another section from the S&M’S Please Kill Me video featuring Brain Wizmerski aka Wiz. This was filmed in time when Wiz still had dreadlocks, but his style was already pretty crazy and fast. I think this part got me into doing icepick 180s.
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Props Road Fools 9 – Mt. Baldy Pipe

Guys over at Props always bring a smile on my face, because they are dropping these sections from previous videos so randomly and unexpected. Here is one from Road Fools 9, where the crew went to the infamous Mt. Baldy full pipe. It also so good to see young Matt Beringer, Brian Wizmerski, Kevin Porter, Dave Mirra, Ryan Jordan, Jim Cielencki and others shredding and having fun. This is a must see.
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Animal – They To Crusty Wit It Photos

Animal Bikes dropped a photo gallery where you will find some riding photos from the filming for their newest video, “They To Crusty Wit It.” Featuring Brian Wizmerski, Butcher, Chris Silva, Dave Belcher, Max Gaertig and others. Click here to check the gallery out.

Animal QSS 4 Trailer

As promised, Animal Bikes released the trailer for their QSS 4, which is out now and will be available for digital download on December 21st. Trailer features riding from Lino Gonzalez, Brian Wizmerski, Garret Hoogerhyde, but the video will also include QSS 3 and Foreign and Domestic.
They Too Crusty Wit It.

Skapegoat 7

Animal Bikes’ Bob Scerbo is back with a new installment in his Skapegoat web series, dropping now the 7th video. It features riding from Steven Hamilton, Garrett Byrnes, Stevie Churchill, Rob Dolecki, Dakota Roche, Tom White, Brian Wizmerski, Joe Rich, Garret Hoogerhyde, Jeff Kocsis, Pat King, Bob Scerbo and many more. Besides all the riding you will get tons of bonus, a huge fight, footage of Van Homan breaking his leg and more.