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Broc Raiford Promoting Volume “Vessel” Frame

Here is Broc Raiford promoting his signature Vessel frame from Volume Bikes which is available now, so start saving money for this machine. This promotional video was actually made using leftover clips from filming for his “Shoot Your Future” DVD section from Volume. Can you believe it? Leftover clips? I can’t even imagine how sick will his section be. The word is saying that it will made some differences in the game. Broc Raiford is seriously a mad guy. He can go crazy big, but at the same time he can pull some insane technical combos. The barspin to manual to feeble grind to hard 360 to manual to 180 line was incredible. Just WOW.
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How To Bunnyhop With Broc Raiford

Are you just getting in the game of BMX? If so and if you never really do a bunnyhop before, you should definitely give this how to with Broc Raiford a watch. Broc has one of the highest bunnyhop in the game, so he is the perfect guy to give you tips how to do it. Good luck.
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The Bakery Secret Recipe – Top 3 Winners

Broc Raiford was the absolute winner of The Bakery’s Secret Recipe contest, winning highest bunnyhop challenge with 50 inches and winning the actual contest at the ramps. He was followed by Bruno Hoffmann on second place and Jeremiah Smith on third. Here is a collection of some of the best clips these three nailed down during the contest.
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The Bakery Secret Recipe – Section 3 Of 3

Get the third and final dose of madness from The Bakery’s Secret Recipe contest featuring Jeremiah Smith, Tony Hamlin, Bruno Hoffmann, Stevie Churchill, Devon Smillie, Broc Raiford and more. Once again, every single rider shredding this part of the skateparks killed it really hard. Enjoy the stuff.
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The Bakery Secret Recipe Finals – Section 2 Of 3

The second video from the The Bakery Secret Recipe finals is here. 12 top BMX riders threw down some insane riding and here is a collection of best clips from the day. Super technical stuff, grind combos and one insane ender from Jeremiah Smith. Featuring riding from Bruno Hoffmann, Broc Raiford, Tony Hamlin, Stevie Churchill, Devon Smillie, Timmy Theus, Nathan Williams, Chase Dehart, Jeremiah Smith and Dakota Roche. Must see.
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Odyssey’s Toys For Tots Jam

Odyssey threw down the Toys For Tots Jam at the Full Factory recently where the only rule was to bring a toy. Above you can find a quick little highlights video featuring riding from Broc Raiford, Kevin Kiraly, Kyle Hart, Hoang Tran and more. Seen on Ride.
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Broc Raiford And Hoang Tran’s Ecuadorian Adventure Part 2 – The Riding

Odyssey dropped the second part of Broc Raiford and Hoang Tran’s Ecuadorian Adventure. After the contest, that went down deep in the jungles of Ecuador, these two headed to Quito, 10,000 feet above sea level to ride street. Amazing spots, riding and amazing scenery are two main things what makes this pretty much epic.
If you missed the first part of this epic adventure, watch it now.
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The Bakery Secret Recipe – Practice

Oh wow, here is a dose of top notch riding from a warm up for the 2013 The Bakery Secret Recipe contest, featuring Bruno Hoffmann, Dan lacey, Broc Raiford, Sean Sexton, Tony Hamlin, Stevie Churchill, Jeremiah Smith, Devon Smillie, Nathan Williams, Chase Dehart, Timmy Theus, Dakota Roche and Corey Martinez.
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Broc Raiford and Hoang Tran’s Ecuadorian Adventure Part 1 – The Journey

Here is part 1 of the two part series featuring Broc Raiford and Hoang Tran and their Ecuadorian Adventure. They’ve been invited to the El Coca Extreme contest in the Amazon rainforest. These two and the crew took the opportunity and went on an epic adventure of broken cars, wild animal and super crazy local shredders. This part is focused more on the trip and the contest and the second will be focused more on the street riding in Quito, Ecuador.
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Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD Leftover Mix

Dan’s Comp Roll Call DVD Leftover Mix from on Vimeo.

The filming for the Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD is over and on Monday, November 25th it will be available for you to get your hands on it, but until then, here is a rad leftover mix teaser featuring Broc Raiford, Ben Hucke, Shane Weston, Alex Magallan, Tony Hamlin, Tony Neyer and Trey Jones.
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