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Freegun’s Bunny Hop Contest At 2013 Texas Toast

During the 2013 Texas Toast Jam, Freegun hosted a bunny hop contest in between dirt and street finals on Sunday and here is now a clip to show you how high riders went. Fir the third year in a row, Broc Raiford showed us that he is the boss of bunny hop, with clearing a pole at 50 inches. This is ridiculous.
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2013 Texas Toast Jam Street Finals By Vital

Texas Toast – Street Finals – More BMX Videos

Another video highlights from the street finals competition over at the 2013 Texas Toast Jam featuring Van Homan, Chad Kerley, Biz, Broc Raiford, Simone Barraco, Zack Gerber, Trey Jones and many more. Broc’s up double peg grind to over truck driver really is incredible.
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2013 Texas Toast Jam – Street Finals Highlights

Dirt finals at 2013 Texas Toast Jam were nuts, but street finals were insane. Here are video highlights, brought to you by Ride BMX, and it is something you must not miss today. From insane tricks to flat, to ridiculously high airs, pocket airs and other madness from Zack Gerber, Broc Raiford, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Stevie Churchill, Van Homan and many more.
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2013 Texas Toast Jam – 20 Highlights From Day 2

Texas Toast – 20 Highlights from Day 2 – More BMX Videos

Vital just dropped 20 highlights from the day two over at the 2013 Texas Toast Jam street course featuring Simone Barraco, Broc Raiford, Mike Hoder, Rob Wise, Chad Kerley, Biz and many more. I am really looking forward to the finals to see the results and the riding of course.
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2013 Texas Toast Jam – Day 1 Video

Texas Toast – Day 1 Video – More BMX Videos

Check out these video highlights from the 2013 Texas Toast Jam day one, from the street and dirt courses, featuring Tyler Fernengel, Ryan Nyquist, Dennis Enarson, Trey Jones, Stevie Churchill, Broc Raiford, Chris Doyle, Van Homan, Danile T√ľnte and many more. Enjoy.
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Nightime At The #Fullfactoryramps

Odyssey dropped this awesome new web edit featuring Broc Raiford and Grant Germain having a nigh session at the Full Factory Ramps. If you follow Broc and Grant you know they are capable of many things and some of them are featured in this piece. Enjoy.
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GSport – Pleg 2 Promo With Broc Raiford

The second version of the popular Pleg plastic peg from GSport got completely redesigned and is made out of a 7075 aluminum core with a plastic sleeve. These pegs are now out and ready for you and your bike to take them to rails and ledges like Broc Raiford did in the above promotional video.
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Odyssey Vision – Calicrewzin

Follow Odyssey riders Aaron Ross, Broc Raiford, Gary Young and Grant Germain on their Californian trips. Five minutes of top notch street riding with around two minutes of quality bonus section. It is Friday evening over here and this was just perfect and in time before a horror movie gets started. Hit play girls and guys and enjoy the riding, the vibes and the music.
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Common Crew – Abdullah’s Ledges Vol. 2

The Common Crew returns to the Abdullha’s self made flat ledges on one hot Californian day to beat the heat. Featuring Broc Raiford, Julian Arteaga, Devon Smillie and Abdullah Alkhalili. With a crew of riders like this one you know technical stuff will go down. Enjoy.
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Volume Team Testing 2013 Infantry Complete Bike

Volume Bikes guys Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, Lil D and Matt Cordova testing out the new 2013 Infantry complete bike, to show you that the bike is strong and is meant for street, trails and park riding. If it is holding these guys, I am sure it will also hold you.
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