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Odyssey – Broc Raiford Edit

Ever since Broc Raiford made the move to Huntington Beach hammers are dropping all the freaking time and this new piece he filmed with Francis Castro for Odyssey is no different. Bangers on bangers on banger, so many of them it will make you confused. Nose many to toothpick hangover to 180? Feeble grind to 360 to tooth bonk? And these are just two out of many. Must watch. Officially premiered on TCU.
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Dan’s Comp – Broc Raiford And Morgan Long At Ashbridges Bay Skatepark

Broc Raiford and Morgan Long having a warm up session at the Ahbridges Bay skatepark while on the recent trip to Toronto, ON Canada to film for the upcoming Dan’s Comp DVD. Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson. Guest clip by Chris Silva.
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The Hunt 2012 – Broc Raiford Section

This is finally ready for the whole world to see. Broc Raiford’s section from The Hunt 2012 “Gold Rush” video. Five minutes of crazy good street riding, nose manuals, big pops, rails and ledge stuff and much more. Is candy what’s making Broc such a good rider? If you haven’t seen it yet, this is a must.
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Volume Bikes – District Complete Bike Promo

Promotional video for the Volume Bikes District complete bike with Broc Raiford, Alex Platt, Lil D and Mike Mastroni. Now this is what I call a proper test of the bike and also a really good promo edit. Give a bike to your team riders and let them ride it like they would as it was their personal setup.

“When we sat down to design our complete bikes, we knew we wanted a bike that would be perfect for a younger rider’s first real BMX bike. With District, we’ve done that and more. This is a bike that can take you from learning the basic of riding a bike to the progression of learning your first tricks. The frame specs are inspired from the modern geometry found on any aftermarket Volume frame, like the short rear end and steep headtube angle. The District features aftermarket parts, including the Volume Staple top load stem, Demolition Machete tires and Odyssey Springfield brake system. Available in matte black, matte purple and gloss orange.”
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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 193

Broc Raiford scored the cover of the latest issue of the Ride BMX issue, the already 193 number. A really good black and white pic of Broc jumping over this gap and pulling a tailwhip.

Summer Session At Vans

Summer Session at Vans – More BMX Videos

Broc Raiford, Josh Clemens, Bobby Holland and Thomas Butterfield threw a really proper summer session down at the Vans indoor skatepark in Orange, California. All the dudes went tech during their session and we like it that way.
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Calling Out Tricks At The Odyssey Jam

Nate Richter hit the Odyssey Jam at the newly built and painted Full Factory ramps and got riders to pull tricks. Some a crazy, some are wild, some are weird, but all are worth a watch. Featuring Broc Raiford, Adam Banton, Jeff Z, Tom Villarreal and others.
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Broc Raiford Welcome To Dan’s Comp

First amazing Eric Lichtenberger web video and now Broc Raiford’s welcome to Dan’s Comp edit. Two ridiculously good and amazing pieces at a time. Stew Johnson and Broc had a few problems with skateparks, but they still came out with a collection of dope clips, all well filmed and edited. It is Broc and you know he never disappoints.
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Volume Broc Raiford And Flag Pivotal Seats In Stock

The all new Broc Raiford signature and Flag Volume Bikes pivotal seats are in stock now. Flag is the mid padded version and Broc’s is the fat padded. I am sure one of these will serve your needs.

Nulvl #Cutforbroc

William Cespedes uploaded this mix edit filmed during the time before Broc Raiford made a move to sunny California. It includes riding from Broc and some of his friends taking it to the streets and skateparks. I am sure Broc got pleasantly surprised when seeing this solid mixtape edit and I am sure this will be remembering him about all the old street spots he was constantly shredding with mates.
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