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The Come Up’s “Young And Retarded” Trip + Crashes And Leftovers

Eight and a half minutes of insane riding and eleven minutes of falls, crashes and leftover clips, this is what you get if you go on a trip with Stevie Churchill, Broc Raiford, Dylan Stark, Liam Zingbergs, Brock Olive and Dillon Lloyd. You guys need to watch both TCU’s Young And Retarded trip videos, because you will get surprised and amazed several times. Do not miss it.

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Volume Bikes Bermuda Ad

The latest Volume Bikes ad is featured in the Ride BMX magazine and features Alex Raban, Broc Raiford and Drew Hosselton promoting their signature colorways of the Bermuda frame.

Broc Raiford Dan’s Comp Ad

This is the newest Dan’s Comp print ad that you will find in the newest issue of the Ride BMX magazine, featuring Broc Raiford. Quite a lot of riders are featured in this issue of Ride, so you definitely need to pick it up for some interesting content.

Sidelined – Broc Raiford

Unfortunately, last month Broc Raiford broke his wrist while filming for The Come Up and ended up with a surgery. Now, when he is in the healing process, he tries to eat healthy, work out a lot and try to pain and express himself via art. Well, in some kinda way that is all true, but find out the real story above. Get well soon.
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Young And Retarded Trailer

Trailer for the Young And Retarded video, featuring Liam Zingbergs, Stevie Churchill, Dillon Lloyd, Brock Olive, Dylan Stark and Broc Raiford. Young And Retarded is the first trip that TCU crew took. I am sure we are all waiting for this one to drop one, because it will be an amazing one.

Volume Bikes – Bermuda Frame Promo

Volume Bikes’ all new Bermuda frame is finally out and so is the promo for the frame and to give you all the informations you need about it along with some fresh moves from Broc Raiford, Alex Raban and Drew Hosselton. You get get it in flat black, E.D. chrome gold, raw, and flat yellow/black splatter. For more about this frame, visit Bermuda product page.
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DC Shoes BMX Team No More

Big bad news. Unfortunately there will be no more DC Shoes BMX team. They had an amazing team of riders, made several amazing projects, but now it is all gone. That means Alfredo Mancuso, Anthony Napolitan, Brett Banasiewicz, Broc Raiford, Chris Doyle, Corey Bohan, Dylan Stark, Edwin De La Rosa, Jeremiah Smith, Kelly Bolton, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Rob Wise, Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Stevie Churchill are off DC.

Broc Raiford Volume Bikes Ad

Volume Bikes’ latest print ad, that can be found in the newest issue of The Albion magazine, features Broc Raiford getting a double peg to hop over done somewhere in Arizona. That’s one high rail for me.

Japan – A Travelogue

Walter Pieringer recently got a chance to travel to Japan with Brian Yeagle, KC Badger, Joseph Frans, Broc Raiford, Chad Kerley, Alex Magallan and Greg Illingworth. Guys were heading over there to do demos, but when they were done with shows Walter,Brian, KC and Joseph rented a car and went on an adventure. As much as I like crazy edits with insane tricks in it, I like these kind of edits pretty much the same. They are putting these good vibe out and are so enjoyable to watch.
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Volume Bikes Bermuda Frame Colorways

These are all four colorways in which Volume Bikes’ upcoming Bermuda will be available. Gold version is Alex Raban’s signature, Raw Broc Raiford’s and yellow splatter Drew Hosselton’s. These frames will be out in February. Looking good.