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Broc Raiford On Dan’s Comp

Dan’s Comp is proud to announce that they added Broc Raiford to their flow team. Dan’s Comp’s team keep growing and growing and with having a team like that, you can expect only amazing stuff to come. Make sure you also click here and read an interview with Broc they did, about 49″ bunnyhop, art and tattooing, plans for 2013 and more.

Volume Bikes In California

Back in November Volume Bikes loaded up their stuff in the van and went on a trip around California, visiting street and skatepark spots around the country. The took almost the entire team and came back with some quality stuff. Featuring Drew Hosselton, Alex Raban, Jason Enns, Broc Raiford, Daniel “Lil D” Martinez, Tate Roskelley, Mike Mastroni, Mike Jonas and Eric Bahlman. Must see.
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Alli “My Five” – Broc Raiford

Alli Sports dropped a fresh new “My Five” edit, where the caught up with Broc Raiford to talk about where would he like to travel, his most embarrassing moment, his dream sponsor and more. There is a good amount of high hops, grinds, nose manuals and other stuff along the interview, there are all worth a watch.
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Volume Bikes – Broc Raiford Bourbon Street Bar Promo

Right after the Tea & Biscuit UK Tour, Broc Raiford headed to Salt Lake City with Mike Mastroni to met up with Tate Roskelley and to film all these ridiculously good clips to promote his signature Volume Bikes Bourbon Street handlebar. The first run is definitely the winner run. Must see.
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S-One Helmets – BMX Team Edit

A really awesome mix edit from the S-One Helmets team, including Alex Platt, Alfredo Mancuso, Brian Yeagle, Dave Dillewaard, Morgan Wade, Adam Banton and Broc Raiford (who is also their latest addition to the team). There definitely is something for everyone in this edit.
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A Day In The Life Of Broc Raiford

Spent a day with Broc Raiford from morning till evening. Broc has some cereals, check the web for updates, heads over to Odyssey to pick some fresh products and apparel, then to Volume warehouse to built the setup up and gives it a test run on the ramps. Enjoy while Broc shows you how things need to be done.
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Volume Bikes Bourbon St. Bar Available Now

Broc Raiford’s signature Volume Bikes Bourbon St. bar is available now. This bar is made out of all new thicker 13 butted 4130 heat-treated CrMo tubing, feature 8.75″ rise and is 30″ wide. It has 11.5° backsweep and 4° upsweep. This sure is one strong handlebar, perfect for those huge gaps and drops on the streets. For more info and photos click here.

Broc Raiford’s Homegrown Tattoos

Watch Broc Raiford ride at various skateparks and talk about his tattoos, how he got his first one at the age of 17, which was his first self-made, the story behind the sharks and more. Brought to you by Alli Sports’ “Under The Gun” series.
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On The Road By Dylan Pfohl

All bunch of really good riding clips, shot by Dylan Pfohl from various trips he took over the past few months. Featuring riding from Dustin Orem, Aj Anaya, Victor Salazar, Anthony Napolitan, Will Blount, Justin Spriet, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Ricky Moseley, Tj Ellis, Mat Olson, Brian Hunt, Danny Josa, Big Daddy, Broc Raiford, Alex Landeros, Kris Fox, Josh Metz and Ross Lanier.
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Broc Raiford’s Instagram Bunnyhop Contest

Can you pop really high? If yes, make a picture of you pulling the highest bunnyhop ever, post it on Instagram, using hashtag #brochopcontest and you can win Broc Raiford’s bike and some fresh Volume Bikes and Odyssey softgoods. Pretty big giveaway, so start hopping and you might be the lucky winner. Check Broc’s bike here.