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Broc Raiford Bike Check

18 year old DC Shoes, Volume, Odyssey and Pull-In rider Broc Raiford is showing his current Volume Bermuda 21″ setup up on the Ride site. Go check it out and read a quick interview.

The Hunt 2012 Results

The Hunt 2012 premiere went down this past Saturday in Long Beach and here are now the results. I definitely can not wait to see the whole video, because there will sure be some unreal stuff pulled.
1. Eduards Zunda
2. Drew Hosselton
3. Jourdan Barba
4. Mike Gray
5. Justin Care
6. Pat Casey
7. Cory Wiergowski
8. Broc Raiford
9. Josh Perry and Nick DiGeroloma
10. Jake Ortiz
11. Joel Marchand
12. Chris Hughes
13. Daniel “Lil-D” Martinez

Elephant Distribution – Tea & Biscuits UK Summer Tour

Demolition’s and Volume’s Tea & Biscuits UK summer tour to introduce you the new UK distribution, Elephant Distribution, with Chris Doyle, Stevie Churchill, Broc Raiford and Mike “Hucker” Clark.
“To kick off Elephant Distribution we brought over a eclectic selection of Volume and Demolition riders for 10 days of sightseeing, snuff snorting and forehead signing. As a theme for the trip we teamed up with Yorkshire Tea and McVities Biscuits to bring nourishment and refreshment to the masses, and with 6 shop stops, numerous street sessions, 1 trail session, a Dub Jam and over a thousand spent tea bags in our wake, all in all it was a dunking goodtime. This is the first of three edits from the trip, look out for the second instalment next week and remember, don’t dunk for too long or she’ll fall in your tea.
Thanks to everyone who made the trip fun and for this edit specifically we’d like to extend a big thank you to Ross, Jon and all the Epsom locals, Philly D in Liverpool, Rampworx Skatepark and Ian, Dean and James at 4Down. Cheers.
Filmed & Edited By Mike Mastroni”
– Elephant Distribution
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Broc Raiford Bike Check

This is the first time for you to see Volume’s upcoming Bermuda frame (their new team frame) built up. Broc Raiford recently got an opportunity to put it together with Odyssey parts and Volume now has it on their site for you to check out.

Broc Raiford Gives You A Sneak Peak At His Hunt 2012 Video Part

Crooked World caught up with Broc Raiford at the Interbike 2012, to talk about his upcoming The Hunt 2012 video part. Broc gives you a little sneak peek at his part, talking about the rails he wanted to pull for some time now and the never-been-done trick.
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Odyssey TGif: Broc Raiford At Texas Toast Jam

This week’s Odyssey TGif features Broc Raifor from last year’s Texas Toast Jam, pulling a new-school tuck no-hander, downward version of it with toe touching. Reminder, Texas Toast Jam is now just three weeks away.
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Volume Bermuda Frame Sneak Peek

Volume has a new team frame in the works under the name “Bermuda”. Broc Raiford and Drew Hosselton are the first two of their team now that are having the first colorway of this frame and are testing it out. Frame looks great, especially the dropouts.

Volume Tea & Biscuits Tour Day 8 & 9

For the day 8 of Volume’s Tea & Biscuits Tour the crew visited Source BMX in Hastings and for the day 9 they went to Crucial BMX. Check out a few photos from these two days here.

Volume Tea & Biscuits Tour Day 4, 5, 6 & 7

Head over to the Volume site to check out updates from their current Tea & Biscuits UK tour day 4, 5, 6 and 7. Stevie Churchill, Broc Raiford, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Chris Doyle and Mike Mastroni are sure having a damn good time and I can not wait for the edit to drop.

Volume Tea & Biscuits Tour Day 3

Update from Volume’s Tea & Biscuits Tour with Stevie Churchill, Broc Raiford, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Chris Doyle and Mike Mastroni. For all the photos and words, click here.