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Brock Olive – Pre-Knee Surgery Clips

Brock Olive / Pre-Knee Clips from dishonour brand on Vimeo.

Dishonour Brand’s Brock Olive is currently waiting to get a knee surgery, which will took him off the bike for a while, so they decided to put together a few clips that were laying around in this solid piece. Brock is tech as shit and we wish him a super fast recovery.
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Tempered – Filthy Drains Jam 2013

Troy Charlesworth dropped video highlights from the recent Tempered Filthy Drains Jam featuring Rob Bennett, Mickey Scoole, Damien Walker, Dylan White, Brock Olive, Jason Petersen and many more. The band was there, the riders was there, the beers were there and by the looks at the video, it was one hell of a day.
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Brock Olive In Black And White

Super solid new edit from Aussie street machine Brock Olive, captured on camera by Stewart Munro, all black and white. I know people like colors and stuff, but I always really liked the black and white edits, especially if they are crazy good as this one is. Technical, stylish, crazy and wild. Brock is the man. Seen on Espn.
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Crispy Stream – DJ Basspound Mix

Six minutes of goodness from Down Under from the Crispy Stream thrown together in this DJ Basspound Mix. Brock Olive, Jerry Vandervalk, Nick Kajewski and many more. A great mix of street and skatepark riding in here. The riding in here is on a high level and this is pretty much what to be expected from a crew of riders like Crispy is. Start clicking on that play button now.
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Premium – NC Team Trip

Dan Foley, Josh Harrington, Brock Olive, Sean Ricany, Connor Lodes and Chad Kerley cruising around North Carolina to film for a Premium team edit and here is the final product. It is hard to say how amazing and how much good riding there is in here, mostly tech as hell from most of the team and super stylish from Dan. You guys will be enjoying this one so much. So good.
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Brock Olive Dishonour Ad

Check out the latest Dishonour Brand ad featuring Brock Olive with a double peg to hard over 360. You can find this one in the latest issue of the 2020 magazine. Wild move.

The Come Up’s “Young And Retarded” Trip + Crashes And Leftovers

Eight and a half minutes of insane riding and eleven minutes of falls, crashes and leftover clips, this is what you get if you go on a trip with Stevie Churchill, Broc Raiford, Dylan Stark, Liam Zingbergs, Brock Olive and Dillon Lloyd. You guys need to watch both TCU’s Young And Retarded trip videos, because you will get surprised and amazed several times. Do not miss it.

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TCU Long Beach Skatepark Jam

This past weekend Thecomeup hosted a jam at the Long Beach skatepark and here are the highlights, to show you how good of a jam it was, filmed and edited by John Hicks. Featuring riding from Daniel Sandoval, Scott Ditchburn, Brock Olive and more. Daniel murdered the place.
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Young And Retarded Trailer

Trailer for the Young And Retarded video, featuring Liam Zingbergs, Stevie Churchill, Dillon Lloyd, Brock Olive, Dylan Stark and Broc Raiford. Young And Retarded is the first trip that TCU crew took. I am sure we are all waiting for this one to drop one, because it will be an amazing one.

Everyday Is A Saturday Part 3.7

2020 Magazine is back with another edit from Troy Charlesworth’s Everyday Is A Saturday video, featuring riding from Jayden Roxburgh, Brock Olive, Polly, Clint Millar, Tom Stretton, Jonny Wakefield, Dave Dillewaard, Jamie Mauri, Sam Illman, Jay Wilson, Troy Jackson, Flagz and Mitchel Macdonald. Enjoy in some Aussie action.
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