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La Costa Norte – Unused HD Clips

LA COSTA NORTE – UNUSED HD CLIPS from Fernando Gomarín Olaiz on Vimeo.

Here is a treat for your guys. Fernando Gomarin Olaiz put together leftover clips and second angles from the La Costa Norte video featuring Josh Roberts, Michal Smelko, Bruno Hoffman and Dan Lacey.
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2013 420 Jam In Siegen, Germany Highlights

Check out this awesome highlights from the recent 420 Jam that took place in Siegen, Germany that feature riding from Bruno Hoffman, Dennis Kicza, Janek Wentzky, Carlo Hoffman, Robby Grimm and more. These kind of jam are the best thing ever, no pressure, no competitiveness, just good times.
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A Monday With Federal Bikes In Barcelona

Right after the Simple Session 2013 Federal Bikes crew went on a trip to Barcelona, Spain to film for their new project. Fernando Gomarin Olaiz was the guy who was showing them all the spots around the city and also the guy who spent an entire Monday with them to show you how their trip looked like. Riding all day, partying all night. Featuring Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffman, Stevie Churchill, Jason Eustathiou, Michael Smelko, Roy Van Kempen, Medhi Vivens, Charly Reed, Will Evans, George Marshall photographer and Ema Scutella.
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GoldPro Vol.3

Steve Croteau is back with a new GoldPro video, this time with a bit longer version, but I think everyone out there will enjoy every second of it. There is plenty of pretty damn good moves, all raw, what makes it even better, in here that you don’t wanna miss. Featuring Garrett Reynolds, JJ Palmere, Augie Simoncini, Ty Morrow, Steve himself, Matt Pendry, Aaron Brenner, Tony Neyer, Tony Ennis, Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffman and Kevin Kiraly.
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Fox Head Global Headquarters Open House Party

Fox Head recently threw down a party to show off their new building and invited a big list of riders and friends. This place is amazing and you will be seeing familiar faces from Chase Dehart, Chase Hawk, Russ Barone, Bruno Hoffman, Chad Kerley and many more.

Federal Frankfurt Flipbook

To celebrate 100k views on Federal’s Frankfurt video, that they filmed while spending some time over there in summer of 2012, they released this sweet flipbook, mainly shot by Fred Murray. If you somehow missed the video or you just want to watch it for one more time, click read more.
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2012 Dew Tour San Francisco Street Semi Finals By Dew Tour

More highlights from 2012 Dew Tour San Francisco street semi finals featuring riding from Ty Morrow, Chad Kerley, Garrett Reynolds, Bruno Hoffman, Dennis Enarson and more. Setup is amazing, riding is amazing, what you want more?
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2012 Dew Tour San Francsico Street Semi Finals Results

The street semi finals at 2012 Dew Tour in San Francisco already went down. Having some of the best riders in the world competing at this amazing course, that includes the famous San Francisco street spots, means only one thing, madness, originality and crazy tricks.
Here are the results:
1. Chad Kerley
2. Garrett Reynolds
3. Bruno Hoffman
4. Dennis Enarson
5. Dakota Roche
6. Ty Morrow
7. Sean Sexton
8. Stevie Churchill
9. Corey Martinez
10. Garret Hoogerhyde
11. Jeremiah Smith
12. Dan Lacey
13. Ben Lewis
14. Nathan Williams
15. Simone Barraco
16. Rob Wise
17. Alex Knnedy
18. Brian Kachinsky
19. Josh Harrington

2012 Vans Rebeljam Highlights By Red Bull

Another amazing video highlights from the 2012 Vans Rebeljam in Spain featuring the Red Bull riders Kriss Kyle, Kye Forte, Sebastian Keep, Matthias Dandois, David Godziek, Tobias Wicke, Senad Grosic, Michael Beran, Bruno Hoffman, Vasya Lukyanenko, Alessandro Barbero.
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What’s The Best Web Edit Of All Time?

More BMX Videos
During the 2012 Vans Rebeljam in Spain, Dig caught up with Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy, Harry Main, Rob Darden, Bruno Hoffman, Dan Lacey, Ed Zunda, Dan Foley, Kye Forte and many more, what is their best web edit of all time.
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