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5050 Skatepark – Game Of Bike And Roll Call DVD Premier

Video from the Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD premier that went down at the 5050 Skatepark along with the Game of Bike that went down before the video. Featuring Steve Quigley, Alex Avilla, Markus Hoyte, Dzavid Rad, Tyrone Williams, Freddie Carmanico, Bupsy, Bryan Carter and Casey Starling.

10-yr-old Brady Baker Edit

Brady Baker from bryancarter on Vimeo.

Pink grips and a full-face helmet, that is a brief description of really young little shredder, Brady Baker, who is killing it hard at the age of 10. Check him out pulling backflips, barspins, tailwhips and going with amazing style and a few of his local skateparks and the Area51 trails. Brady sure has a bright future and I know we will be seeing a lot more from him in the future. Filmed and edited by Bryan Carter.
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Area 51 Season Ender

Area 51 Season Ender from bryancarter on Vimeo.

Bryan Carter put together this Area 51 season ender edit featuring Eric Nielson, Joe Hulette, BadBoy, Ronnie Brown, Adam Aloise and Vinny Mannino. The outdoor riding season is getting to it’s end and we will be seeing a lot of web videos that will be ending the summer time in the coming weeks. Go out and try to get the most out of the last days, before the cold gets in.

Area 51 Trail Session

One more really good trails edit from a session that recently went down at the Area 51 Trails, filmed and edited by Bryan Carter. Check out what happened above, by pressing that play button.

Sean Ricany Welcome To Primo

Sean Ricany has officially joined the Primo team with this welcome to the team edit, filmed and edited by Bryan Carter. Sean goes ridiculously technical and the line where he pulls icepick to nose manual to barspin to manual is one crazy combo.
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Glassgow Delaware Park Edit

Sean Ricany, Anthony DeRosa, Bryan Carter, Joe Hulette, Lou Kubar and Dom Simoncini riding the concrete skatepark in Glassgow, Delaware, while Bryan Carter, besides riding also filmed some hot moves to get an edit done.
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Scotty Cranmer’s Hyper Edit Behind The Scenes

Bryan Carter released behind the scenes video from filming for Scotty Cranmer’s welcome to Hyper Bike Co edit. Some of the crashes look so wild and the roof to roof gap crash is so scary, especially the part when the bike fells down. Scotty is a madman.
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Bryan Carter’s East Coast Mix

Bryan Carter’s East Coast Mix – More BMX Videos

One more really good mix edit filmed by New Jersey based filmer Bryan Carted with guys like Devon Smillie, Sean Ricany, Ben Hittle, Zack Gerber, Brandon Kitston, Dan Bob and more. Prepare yourself for a good two minutes of technical stuff.
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Sean Ricany & Anthony Derosa At Jackson Park

Sean Ricany and Anthony Derosa spent a little of their time at the Jackson skatepark filming clips for this new split edit with Bryan Carter behind the lens. Sean has some crazy skills on that front wheel.
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