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BSD – Alex Donnachie Kelvingrove Session

When Tony Malouf was in Glasgow, Scotland this summer, he teamed up with Alex Donnachie to get some stuff filmed at the Kelvingrove skatepark for BSD. Alex is getting better and better with every new edit and his front wheel skills are simply ridiculous.
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BSD Ride To Glory 2012 Extras

This is some footage that didn’t make in the main BSD edit from the Ride To Glory 2012 featuring David Grant, Dan Paley, Kriss Kyle, Mike Taylor and Alex Donnachie. Raw clips, no music, but it is awesome as hell. Must see.
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New Ride UK Cover, Issue 168

Ride UK dropped a sneak peek of their cover for the issue 168, featuring BSD’s Chaz Mailey boosting a moto air out of the deepest bowl at Stoke plaza. Check full cover after the jump.
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Kriss Kyle Bike Check

Head over to the BSD site to check out Kriss Kyle’s current Trailorpark frame setup. He likes to have a bike with short back end likes the feeling of the laid back seat angle.

BSD’s Jeff Cadger Returns To Los Angeles

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“It’s been a pretty busty year for Jeff Cadger. He recently came off shoulder surgery and made the move back to Los Angeles to start his own brand of “physical therapy” in the streets, school yards and skateparks. Recently, fellow midwesterner and BSD team manager Tony Malouf took notice of Jeff’s burly/tech riding style, adding him to the U.S. pro team. And for the past few weeks, Jeff and the BSD team have been traveling throughout the UK for the BSD summer tour. I’m sure we’ll be seeing an official BSD welcome edit coming our real soon from his time over there. But for now, Jeff doesn’t hold anything back in the above edit. You might even say that he manages to take the “E.T.” technique to some new street territory.”– Tommy Blanco, ESPN

Catch Up With BSD’s Tony Malouf

ESPN catch up with Tony Malouf in Chicago, Ill. at the concrete skatepark he grew up riding to talk about filming, riding, traveling, BSD and Lotek along with some solid riding clips.
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Ride To Glory 2012 – BSD

More BMX Videos
The team who scored second place in Ride To Glory 2012, BSD, featuring Kriss Kyle, Mike ‘Jersey’ Taylor, Alex Donnachie, Dan Paley and David Grant, is here for all you who haven’t watched their video yet. Vote for the team here.
“Previous year’s winners and allround sick guys, BSD, head to London for a week long battle against rain, security guards and dressing up as Cam Hardy…”
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Alex Donnachie Bike Check

Head over to the BSD site to check out parts list and some photos along with a few words from the man himself, of Alex Donnachie’s current BSD WZA V2 setup.

Dave Laliberte Welcome To BSD & Killemall

Dave Laliberte is an all around guy, knows how to flow the trails, how to drop from birds on the streets and sure knows how to cruise around bowl and parks, doing ridiculous gaps, airs and tech stuff. This is his welcome to BSD edit, for which he will be riding through Canadian distribution Killemall.

Alpha BMX / BSD – Dan Boulton

Dan Boulton is doing it for BSD through Alpha BMX shop and here he is with a fresh new, street only, web edit. A chill song, but the riding ain’t that chill, especially the last clips. Some serious tech grinding.