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New DIG Cover, Issue 92

I saw a few minutes ago this insane double peg drop from David Grant in BSD’S “Living For The City” part two episode and I am seeing it now on the cover of DIG magazine, issue 92. You guys need to watch this pulled, it’s insane.

BSD “Living For The City” Part Two

I was waiting the whole day for this one to drop and here it is now, better than expected. This is the second part of BSD’S “Living For The City” three-part-web-episodes featuring David Grant and team mix (Tony Malouf, Jason Teet, Kriss Kyle, Jack Greaves, Si Gibb and more) shredding and murdering streets of Glasgow, Scotland. This one is dedicated to David, but others also have some amazing clips in it. Last double peg drop from Grant is uf… as crazy as it gets. Seat back, relax and enjoy.
If you missed the first part, click here.
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BSD “Living For The City” Part One

Everyone was waiting for this day to come, because BSD dropped their first part out of three, of their “Living For The City” web series. They rented an apartment in Glasgow, Scotland, for six months, which is also the home of BSD, and invited the entire team to explore the city, ride, film and have fun. The first part features Mike Taylor, Nailz and Reed Stark. It may be seven minutes long, but guys, you definitely won’t get bored. That gap from Jersey is nuts.
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Ride UK Warehouse Project – BSD Trailer

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Mike Taylor brought million of boxes in this warehouse for BSD’s trailer for section that you will find on the Ride UK Warehouse Project DVD. I simply have no idea why the brought so much boxes to this place.

BSD “Living For The City” Trailer

“Living For The City” is BSD’s three part web series, which first part will drop December 11th. The past six months they spent riding, filming and searching for new spots around Glasgow, Scotland and managed to get tons of amazing riding footage, to get these web series done. The trailer shows that we will witness some serious shredding. So now we wait till 11th.
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2012 Ride UK Awards Winners

The 2012 Ride UK Awards are over and we have the winners of each section. The highlight was definitely Harry Main, because he won two awards, one for the best web video of the year and second for best park rider of the year.
Web video of the year: Harry Main
Lifetime achievement award: Kye Forte
Bike brand of the Year award: BSD
Dirt jumper of the year: Matt Priest
Park rider of the year award: Harry Main
Street rider of the year award: Dan Lacey
Best drinker of the year award: Ben Murphy

Ride UK Warehouse Project 2012 Trailer

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“It’s nearly the end of the year and to finish it off with a bang, we’ve got a special issue for you! Following on from the success of our Ride To Glory series, we would like to introduce you to the Ride UK Maoam Warehouse Project 2012!
We gave Stolen Bike Co, DC Shoes, BSD and Premium UK an empty warehouse, filled it with random obstacles, ramps and scrap and let them loose for a week each. The end result is a full dedicated Warehouse Project issue that comes with a free DVD! Check out the official trailer below for the Warehouse Project which will be on sale from the 14th December! Also keep an eye out next week for more exclusive content and teasers from each team.”
Ride UK
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Alex Donnachie Bike Check

UK’s front wheel and technical machine Alex Donnachie has a bike check up on the BSD site, showing you his new BSD WZA V3 bike. He still wanted to kept his bike in raw and chrome, just that this time he added some gold to it. Go check out the parts list and more photos here.

BSD Tony Malouf’s “The Beverage” Frame Available Now

Tony Malouf’s signature BSD “The Beverage” frame is available now. This frame features a 74.8° head tube angle and 69.5° seat tube angle, has 8.8″ stand over height, 11.5″ bottom bracket height along with 13.25″ – 13.65″ chainstay length, depending on what size of frame you buy (20.30″, 20.65″ or 21″ tt). You can pick between translucent black, translucent red and translucent green, that are shown above.

Conor Winters Welcome To BSD

Connor Winters who comes from Waterford, Ireland (the same town as Jason Phelan) is the latest addition to the BSD flow team through the the Boardroom and HUB distribution. This kid is unbelievable good and really kills it when it comes to street riding. Didn’t really heard about this guy before, but I sure do want to see more from him in the future.
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