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Freegun’s Bunny Hop Contest At 2013 Texas Toast

During the 2013 Texas Toast Jam, Freegun hosted a bunny hop contest in between dirt and street finals on Sunday and here is now a clip to show you how high riders went. Fir the third year in a row, Broc Raiford showed us that he is the boss of bunny hop, with clearing a pole at 50 inches. This is ridiculous.
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Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Bunny Hop

For this week’s Tricktionary Friday we are taking it back to the basics of this sport and are bringing you the Bunny Hop. Nothing better than a good pop over a rail you find on the way to the local skatepark. Rok Krivec also demonstrates that you can go over a rail not only in the straight direction.
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