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Calvin Kosovich “Still Bleeding Black & Blue” Video Part

Calvin Kosovich ”Still Bleeding Black & Blue” Part from Deprae Films on Vimeo.

This is Australian shredder Calvin Kosovich and his section from the Still Bleeding Black & Blue video that dropped back in 2012. If you haven’t seen anything from this guy before you are doing it wrong. Aussie Calvin is a really talented rider and he has plenty of skills and a pair of big balls. From being very good at pulling pretty long nose manuals to having no problems pulling massive 180s over rails and stairs. This section from Calvin Kosovich is something you really must not miss today, because it is sick from the first second to the very last.
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Downlow Apparel – Perth X Albany

Downlow Apparel – “Perth X Albany” from Downlow Apparel on Vimeo.

Downlow Apparel crew recently took a two day long trip to Albany, which is located in the southern part of Australia, and came back with some really enjoyable stuff. I always am stoked seeing new web pieces from this crew, cause I simply know non of them will be crap.
Featuring Rex Cubic, Callan Stibbards, Luke Cridland, Liam Thomas, Calvin Kosovich, Jordan Dentamaro and Luke Turner.
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Downlow Apparel “Lost Tapes #4” – Calvin Kosovich

Downlow Apparel – “Lost Tapes #4” from Downlow Apparel on Vimeo.

The number four in the series of Lost Tapes from the Downlow Apparel people is all about Calvin Kosovich and his footage from 2009, whilst filming for the Let It Bleed DVD. Fast music and solid street shreding.
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Calvin Kosovich Welcome To Kink

Australian rider Calvin Kosovich has parted ways with The Set and look at him now, he is on the Kink team. To make it official here is his welcome to the team edit, full of street goodness, you don’t want to miss. Hit play and enjoy it what Calvin has to offer. I know I did.
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Coppin’ It Sweet DVD Premier

If you saw the trailer already (if you didn’t, watch it below), you know “Coppin’ It Sweet” DVD is the newest product from Australian filmer Stewart Munro. Find all that you need to know about the premier above.
Video will be featuring Raphale Jermoa-Williams, Jerry Vandervalk, Mitchell McDonald, Marc Arnold, Calvin Kosovich and Clint Millar plus guests Rob Wise, Alex Hiam, Kym Grosser and others.

Coppin’ It Sweet DVD Trailer

Coppin’ It Sweet is the newest work from Australian filmer Stewart Munro and this is the official trailer to show you what the video will be all about. It has been filmed all around the world and will feature riding from Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Jerry Vandervalk, Mitchell McDonald, Marc Arnold, Calvin Kosovich and Colony’s founder Clint Millar along with friends.
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Downlow Apparel – Callan Stibbards And Calvin Kosovich “20 Stair Session”

Downlow Apparel riders Callan Stibbards and Calvin Kosovich threw a session down at this monstrous rail last weekend and also filmed a few clips here and there for this sweet new split edit. This is one of the most fun rails ever. You definitely need to hit this one if your are from Down Under and you want to learn some new rail stuff and not get killed trying it.
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Calvin Kosovich Video Bike Check

Calvin Kosovich built himself up a fresh new glossy black The Set setup and here he is now running you through his whole setup along with nailing down some proper grind moves at the Hollywood High rail. Calvin is such a smooth rider and is no stranger to putting all his three pegs to use. Enjoy. Seen on TCU.
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Deprae Films – “Big Trouble Little Fontana”

Corey Bohan, Andrew Lazaruk and Calvin Kosovich had a chilled and relaxed session at the Fontana skatepark recently. It happened that Calvin had a camera with him, so why not film a bunch of stuff for you guys to check out. Nothing to serious in here, but still a good watch.
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2020 Magazine Issue 47 Preview

The new issue of the 2020 magazine, issue 47, is hitting stores around Australia starting today. But before you get yourself a fresh copy, check out the preview above and check this massive feeble grind on a rail from Calvin Kosovich on the cover.