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Ed Zunda Compilation

Dominik Wrobel from Woozy put together Ed Zunda’s last three edits, they filmed together for Carhartt and make this one nine and a half minutes long edit for your viewing pleasure. Ed is always killing it and always has something new for us, so seat back relax and enjoy.
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Carhartt – Zunda, Valentino & Layos In Spain

Such a dope nine minutes long edit from Carhartt’s trip to Spain, where they took Ed Zunda, Alex Valentino and Sergio Layos (also Mike Miller and Stefan Lantschner). They were lucky to have Dominik Wrobel with them, to capture all the stylish and tech moves from all three on some amazing spots in I don’t know what city.
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Mike Miller Carhartt Ad

Carhartt’s latest print ad featuring Mike Miller with a stylish 360 can-can over a box jump. Make sure to check this full smoked black and white ad after the jump.
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Carhartt – Mike Miller Chillin’ In Spain

Mike Miller’ “chillin'” at this sweet skatepark in Spain that he visited with the Carhartt crew earlier this year. Going high and going with style, yep, this is what Mike does best. Filmed and edited by Dominik Wrobel.
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Alex Valentino Carhartt Ad

New Alex Valentino “Smoke” ad for his sponsor Carhartt doing this handplant over a spine, shot by Vincent Perraud. Check full ad after the jump.
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Carhartt – Stefan Lantschner & Sergio Layos

Dominik Wrobel from Woozy spent a day at this awesome skatepark somewhere in Spain with Stefan Lantschner and Sergio Layos to film an edit that is as stylish as it gets. Your eyes will be happy after watching it, I assure you that.
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Carhartt – NightSession With Ed Zunda

Dominik Wrobel from Woozy put together this really awesome edit featuring Carhartt rider Ed Zunda riding this skatepark in the middle of the night from the trip to Spain, they took earlier this year. Special guest clip from Alex Valentino. Enjoy.
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Faces Of Carhartt

Vincent Parraud posted on The Diggest face shots of Ed Zunda (above), Mike Miller, Alex Valentino, Stefan Lantschner and Sergio Layos. All those were made at the recent Carhart trip, Destination Spain. Check the rest here.

Carhartt – Destination Spain Photo Gallery

Recently the Carhartt team, including Ed Zunda, Mike Miller, Stefan Lantschner, Sergio Layos and Alex Valentino along with Dominik Wroble, Vincent Parraud and Mike Emde went on a trip to Spain, for Carhartt “Destination Spain” project.
Click on this link and check 25 really amazing mostly lifestyle shot from the trip.

Stefan Lantschner Carhartt Wallpaper

This is Carhartt’s brand new wallpaper featuring Stefan Lantschner with a sick quick gap to wallride to 180. You can download it here.